Show263. My Phone is Full. What Do I Do?

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 1:42 Don’t delete photos until you know what you’re deleting
  • 9:45 Intro and Hello
  • 11:00 Scuba diving and taking your phone for underwater photos/videos
  • 15:00 Hello to viewers
  • 17:15 How to tell if your phone is full
  • 12:40 Phone storage vs Cloud storage
  • 26:23 Phone is full? Delete stuff
  • 27:11 Deleting photos from phone and not from cloud – Free up Space
  • 44:08 Deleting other things from Android
  • 46:30 iPhone – 2 clicks to free up space, optimize iPhone storage, Offload Unused Apps
  • 51:22 iPhone – cleaning out messages, music, books, podcasts
  • 57:32 Review Questions

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