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Do you use your smartphone and/or computer for digital photos?  Are you a traveler and want to learn about the latest Maps and Apps for trip planning?  Staying in Touch with video calls? Do you use a Smartphone or Tablet and just want to learn more about them?  You can just sit back, watch our videos, and learn how to use your smartphone’s camera, Google Photos, Google Maps, and much more.  How would you like to ask questions of someone you trust and get detailed, easy to understand answers? You can even ask questions live in special Zoom meetings we hold just for members. You can even schedule a 30 minute one-on-one Zoom meeting thru our “Office Hours.”

Benefits of membership also includes several eBooks – including Learn Google Photos, installation files for discontinued software like Picasa, and detailed written notes of all our “What Does This Button Do?” shows.

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What our Members are Saying:
I really love your “What does this button do” shows. I especially like that they are on YouTube. I sit in my LazyBoy, turn on my 60″ SmartTV, and watch. Also have played some more than once. Just watched the one re: blue tooth and the one on Data usage. Nice to be able to get notes to go along with shows. Thanks for all that you do!!
Gail West

Appreciate all of the features of Geeks on Tour, especially being able to send in my questions and get them answered so well . Am using so many things I learned here. Have two Chromecasts and have slideshows of my 84,000 plus photos playing whenever the TV is not. Also learned how to project things on the computer screen to the big TV screen plus many more things from your classes and your books.
Thomas Parks

How do you do it? You are awesome! Almost every thing I am using, you have a video for it! Google Photos videos were great; using the Android phone as a hotspot to the computer answered a lot of my questions; and now, Facebook – I just signed up recently and didn’t have a clue. Thank-you soooooo much!  Lynda

My husband and I are absolutely amazed!  We never thought we could put a cute story together with narration, music, the works!  Also, to know that you are available for questions is great.  I have never seen such an easy and fun way to learn.  I can’t thank you enough. Kathy

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