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November 22 Episode 224 HodgePodge of Tech Tips.

November 7, 2021 Episode 223

Why do my photos move? Lessons about iPhone Live photos and Android Motion photos.

September 26, 2021 Episode 220

Sep 12, 2021 Episode 219

Hodgepodge of Tech Tips

6/27/21 Episode 215

Trouble with Time Zones

5/23/21 Episode 213

How to get my music in the car?

with Guest Speaker Ray Baxter from

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#213 05/23/21

How to play your music in the car


#212 05/9/21

Our problem with Trip Planning – Solved


#211 04/25/21

Hodgepodge of Tech Tips and Google Lens


#210 04/11/21

Google Photos: Do these 2 things before June 1


#209 03/21/21

How wearable technology can improve your health in 2021 with Ron Brown


#208 03/7/21

Google Photos instead of Apple Photos or Gallery


#207 02/21/21

Data Privacy with Phil May


#206 02/7/21

Tech Tip HodgePodge with 3D Printing and CryptoCurrency


#205 01/17/21

Password managers – how to use LastPass


#204 01/10/21

Trip Planning and our favorite apps


#203 11/15/20

Learn Google Photos – excerpts from the book


#202 11/1/20

How to make your passwords secure.


#201 10/18/20

What can I do with an old phone?

#200 9/27/20

How to self-publish your book

#199 9/13/20

Updates: Google Photos, Zoom, smartphones

#198 8/30/20

Learn Google Photos 2020 Book Launch

#197 8/23/20

Live Streaming with guest experts Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter

#196 8/16/20

Social media with Martin Brossman and Jeanne Munoz Includes replay of Backstage Member meeting.


Members only meeting with David Lieb from Google. The product lead for Google Photos

#195: 7/26/20

How to learn smartphones from our website

#194: 7/5/20

Google Photos is all new, Chris explains

#193: 6/28/20

Mobile Internet Update with the experts. Guests: Chris and Cherie of

#192: 6/7/20

Hodgepodge of Tech Tips, photo resolution v size


Members Only meeting on May 24 with Guest Teachers on Google Photos

Ron Brown, Honey Burt, Warren Wilson, Catherine Tracy, Robin Seaver, Jack Wilfore

#191: 5/17/20

What is Google Photos and how do I use it?

Members’ Backstage Meeting

#190: 4/26/20

What is a blog, and how does Blogger work?

#189: 4/12/20

Digitizing your old photo albums and showing them on TV with Chromecast and Google Photos

#188: 3/29/20

How to get your slides into Google Photos

#187: 3/22/20

What does a Zoom meeting look like? A real meeting with 50 participants with lots of How To.

#186: 3/15/20

How to use Zoom for online meetings

#185: 3/1/20

How to make a custom map … for Dive sites!

#184: 2/2/20

What is Google Lens and how do I use it. Scanning items in the real world.

#183: 1/12/20

How to Relax and keep your photos organized
Tip: prevent mirror image selfies

#182: 1/5/20

2019: The Good, The Bad, The Amazing
Tip: changing dates on photos

#181: 12/15/19

Video calling with Google Duo – Michael Daniels
Tip: Copy/Paste on mobile

#180: 12/8/19

Make great gifts from your photos
Tip: Panorama for group shots
App: JibJab

#179: 11/24/19

Google Photos 2019 – What’s New?
Tip: Support for Google
App: Tunity

#178: 11/4/19 How to navigate using Google Maps
Tip: Walking directions with Live View
#177: 10/13/19 Cloud storage – Dropbox, what is it, how to use it
Tip: Identify flowers, birds
#176: 9/30/19 Make your maps with Google My Maps
Tip: Order photo prints
App: Hiya
#175: 9/8/19 Google Photos – Questions Answered
Tip: Gmail swipe to delete message
App: Zoom
#174: 8/25/19 How to make movies on your phone with Free Filmora Go
Tip: App shortcuts with long press
#173: 8/11/19 Google Keep for Note Taking with Michael Daniels
Tip: camera screen in sunshine
#172: 8/4/19 Hodgepodge of smartphone and tech tips Members who watch live get “Backstage Passes”  
#171: 7/28/19 OneDrive: Backup your photos to 2 cloud services
Tip:Downloading from Google Photos
App: Zoom
Members who watch live get “Backstage Passes”  
#170: 7/14/19 Google Photos: Getting started on Mobile devices
Tip:Making animations
App: Prisma
Members who watch live get “Backstage Passes”  
#169: 6/30/19 5 Year Anniversary, Home Button Revisited
Tip:168 .pdf files of Show Notes
App: Keyring
 #169 w/Notes and Links  
#168: 6/23/19 Staying connected while traveling abroad. Ron Brown
Tip:Searching for Photos
 #168 w/Notes and Links  
#167: 6/9/19 Video editing with Filmora
Tip: Snap photo while recording video
App: FilmoraGo
 #167 w/Notes and Links  
#166: 5/19/19 Are your photos backed up?
Tip: Converting time zones
App: FilmoraGo
 #166 w/Notes and Links  
#165: 5/12/19 Sharing photos with Google Photos
Tip: Counting steps
 #165 w/Notes and Links  
#164: 4/21/19 GBoard – typing faster on smartphones
Tip: QR codes w/ Lens on Google Photos
 #164 w/Notes and Links  
#163: 4/7/19 In Case of Emergency: How your phone can help
Tip: wallpaper
App:Living Wines
 #163 w/Notes and Links  
#162: 3/24/19 There’s a Setting for that! Customizing your phone.
Tip: use takeout to download all Google+
 #162 w/Notes and Links  
#161: 3/3/19 How to remember your travels with photos, maps, and a Blog
Tip: viewing map where photo was taken
 #161 w/Notes and Links  
#160: 1/13/19 Jim and Chris chat about the technology they’re taking on their trip to Australia/New Zealand  #160 w/Notes and Links  
#159: 1/6/19 Google Photos Albums, Organize and Share
Tip: Top 10 from Learning Survey
 #159 w/Notes and Links  
#158: 12/16/18 How To choose a phone case
Tip: Samsung Note 9
App: Google Home Hub
 #158 w/Notes and Links  
#157: 12/2/18 How To send photos from your phone
Tip: YouTube video speed
App: Tasty
 #157 w/Notes and Links  
#156: 11/11/18 How To Use a Smartphone to Scan and Create PDF Documents
Tip: Google Photos search
App: CamScanner
 #156 w/Notes and Links  
#155: 10/28/18 Smartphone Apps: Install, Uninstall, Organize
Tip: iPhone – Offloading Apps
App: Camera MX
 #155 w/Notes and Links  
#154: 10/14/18 Cellular Boosters, Unlimited Hotspot
Tip: Google Photos: how to know your photos are backed up
 #154 w/Notes and Links  
#153: 9/30/18 Favorite Apps – w/Eric and Tami of TechnoRV
Tip: Phone storage must be >8GB
 #153 w/Notes and Links  
#152: 9/9/18 Trip Planning – International
Tip: Time zones
 #152 w/Notes and Links  
#151: 9/3/18 Trip Planning with Roadtrippers, RVParky, Google My Maps and more
Tip: iPhone Fingerprint reader
Google Photos Book w/Captions
 #151 w/Notes and Links  
#150: 8/12/18 Google Photos for video editing
Tip: Kindle app
App: SkyView
 #150 w/Notes and Links  
#149: 8/5/18 Internet and Battery when you’re Off-Grid
Tip: RVillage and Elks Lodge campgrounds
App: National Parks Passport
 #149 w/Notes and Links  
#148: 7/31/18 Geeks on Tour Live Seminars
Tip: Google Photos Crop tool
 #148 w/Notes and Links  
#147: 7/11/18 Video Editing/Making Movies on Chromebook w/Android app called Quik
Tip: iPhone Live Photos
App: Mobile Passport
 #147 w/Notes and Links  
#146: 6/24/18 How to makeQR Codes
Tip: Google Photos Book 2d Edition
App/Tech: HP X2 Chromebook
 #146 w/Notes and Links  
#145: 6/17/18 Google Photos Questions Answered. Tip: Google Photos Favorites App: WeVideo  #145 w/Notes and Links  
#144: 6/3/18 Camera tips everyone should know, Tip: “Navigate to …”  #144 w/Notes and Links  
#143: 5/20/18 Scuba diving videos, Shared Albums  #143 w/Notes and Links  
#142: 5/13/18 Snapseed on Chromebook, w/Guest Ron Brown
Tip: Calculate w/Browser
App: Google Tasks
 #142 w/Notes and Links  
#141: 5/6/18 Music on Smartphones
Tip: Google Photos Lens
 #141 w/Notes and Links  
#140: 4/15/18 Facebook Privacy settings, 5 action items
Tip: Google Maps StreetView
 #140 w/Notes and Links  
#139: 4/8/18 What are Widgets?
Tip: Change Samsung home screens
App: Network Cell Info
 #139 w/Notes and Links  
#138: 3/25/18 Google Photos: including photos from computers, cameras
App: Google Art & Culture
 #138 w/Notes and Links  
#137: 3/4/18 Accounts: what you need to know
Tip: Arranging icons on dock
App: Toastmasters
 #137 w/Notes and Links  
#136: 2/18/18 Editing photos with Snapseed
Tip: Google Photos Bug
App: Harvest Hosts
 #136 w/Notes and Links  
#135: 2/11/18 Copying files from USB ‘thumb’ drive
Tip: Finding Geek Newsletters
App: X-Plore File Manager
 #135 w/Notes and Links  
#134: 1/21/18 Scanning Photos with Google PhotoScan
Tip: Finding apps on phone
App: Photomyne scanner
 #134 w/Notes and Links  
#133: 1/14/18 Facebook Privacy
Tip: Multiple users on phone
App: File Go by Google
 #133 w/Notes and Links  
#132: 12/17/17 Google Photos for Picasa Users
Tip: Voice control of camera
App: Gas Buddy, new features
 #132 w/Notes and Links  
#131: 12/10/17 Mobile Internet Resources with Guests Chris and Cherie
Tip: Control Facebook Feed
 #131 w/Notes and Links  
#130: 12/3/17 Allo messaging app with Guest Michael Daniels
Tip: Magnify screen
 #130 w/Notes and Links  
#129: 11/19/17 Behind the Scenes: Lights, Camera, Sound
Tip: Mailing Labels using Google Contacts
 #129 w/Notes and Links  
#128: 11/12/17 Lesson: How to keep your Google Account Safe
Tip: One-finger typing/gliding
App: FMCA Verizon deal
 #128 w/Notes and Links  
#127: 10/22/17 Lesson: A $59 smartphone?
Tip: Google Photos: Upload Complete
App: Allstays Camp & RV
 #127 w/Notes and Links  
#126: 10/08/17 Lesson: Google Maps – Your Places
Tip: Factory Reset
App: Hiya – caller blocking
 #126 w/Notes and Links  
#125: 9/23/17 Lesson: Google Photos – What’s New
Tip: Scanning Documents
App: Facebook Messenger for sending money
 #125 w/Notes and Links  
9/13/17 Hurricane Irma    
#124: 9/3/17 Lesson: First Four Buttons to Learn
Tip: Download Photo to Device
App: Magnifier
#124 w/Notes and Links  
#123: 8/27/17 Lesson: How to make a blog
Tip: Find Version #
#123 w/Notes and Links  
#122: 8/13/17 Lesson: How to find stuff on your phone
Tip: LearnGooglePhotos editing
App: Keep
#122 w/Notes and Links  
#121: 7/30/17 Lesson: Gmail top reasons to use
Tip: Data Roaming Setting
App: Prisma
#121 w/Notes and Links  
#120: 7/16/17 Lesson: Beginner’s Questions
Tip: Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos update
App: iExit
#120 w/Notes and Links  
#119: 7/2/17 Lesson: Photo Albums with Google Photos
Tip: Photo Books
App: Eclipse 2017
#119 w/Notes and Links  
#118: 6/25/17 Lesson: Google Maps and Google Translate in Europe
Tip: Time Format
App: Rail Planner
#118 w/Notes and Links  
#117: 5/14/17 Lesson: All about Chromebooks w/Guest Ron Brown #117 w/Notes and Links  
#116: 4/30/17 Lesson: Google Photos – Favorite Things
Tip: Clean the Lens!
App: Field Trip
#116 w/Notes and Links  
#115: 4/23/17 Lesson: Smartphone Cameras vs DSLR – big cameras
Tip: Phone Location
App: Google Earth
#115 w/Notes and Links  
#114: 4/2/17 Lesson: Forgot your Password? How to Recover your Account
Tip: View websites on phone
App: NPR One
#114 w/Notes and Links  
#113: 4/2/17 Lesson: Google Maps Tips
Tip: Deleting Multiple PhotosApp: Wind Maps
#113 w/Notes and Links  
#112: 3/5/17 How to Learn with Geeks on Tour: A roadmap to our website #112 w/Notes and Links  
#111: 2/26/17 Add Photos to My Maps
Tip: Use Google Photos, not the native app
App: Windfinder
#111 w/Notes and Links  
#110: 2/12/17 Smartphone Photography Essentials
Tip: Finding Apps on your Phone
App: Valentines Cards
#110 w/Notes and Links  
#109: 2/5/17 Apple vs Android with Mike Wendland
Tip: Protect Facebook Friends
App: Smart Receipts
#109 w/Notes and Links  
#108: 1/29/17 Chromecast
Tip: Find Lost Phone
App: Google Trusted Contacts
#108 w/Notes and Links  
#107: 1/22/17 Grab Bag of Tips
Tip: Past Episode Highlights
App: Google Home
#107 w/Notes and Links  
#106: 1/15/17 Internet Connections as you Travel
Tip: View Photos Year at a glance
App: Signal Check, Open Signal
#106 w/Notes and Links  
#105: 1/8/17 Tips for Teaching with Abby Stokes
Tip: Deleting Apps
App: RVDumpSites
#105 w/Notes and Links  
#104: 12/18/16 Book Launch!

Mrs. Geek's Guide to Google Photos

Learn to manage your lifetime of memories, effortless and free. Let Mrs. Geek be your guide.

#104 w/Notes and Links  Episode 104 Show Notes for free 
#103: 12/04/16 Scanning QR Codes
Tip: Snapseed editing to remove unwanted photo areas
App: RVillage
#103 w/Notes and Links  Buy Episode 103 Show Notes for $.99
#102: 11/27/16 Use Smartphone to Learn
Tip: Camera Manual Focus
App: Focus / AppBlock
#102 w/Notes and Links  Buy Episode 102 Show Notes for $.99
#101: 11/20/16 Set up New Phone
Tip: Google Photos Deep Blue
App: Dashcams
#101 w/Notes and Links  Buy Episode 101 Show Notes for $.99
#100: 11/13/16 Microsoft OneDrive – mobile
Tip: Force Quit Apps
App: Wink Home Automation
#100 w/Notes and Links  Buy Episode 100 Show Notes for $.99
#99: 11/6/16 *r Touchscreen Essentials
Tip: iPhone 7 Plus
App: CCleaner
#99 w/Notes and Links  Buy Episode 99 Show Notes for $.99
#98: 10/23/16 Google Photos and Snapseed for Editing (guests: Russ, Greg)
Tip: Quick Camera
App: Pushbullet
#98 w/Notes and Links Buy Episode 98 Show Notes $.99
#97: 10/16/16 Living the RV Dream Rally
Tip: Set a Timer
App: Printicular
#97 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #97
#96: 10/9/16 *r Keep your Battery Charged
Tip: Remove Pre-Installed Apps
App: Army Knife
#96 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #96
#95: 10/4/16 Get Help on Google Products
Tip: Hashtags
App: Google Voice
#95 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #95
#94: 9/18/16 Anti-Virus Apps
Tip: Camera Roll Game
App: Gas Buddy
#94 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #94
#93: 9/4/16 *r Voice Dictation
Tip: Text on Photos
App: Hurricane Tracker
#93 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #93
#92: 8/28/16 Google Calendar
Tip: Factory Reset
Drone Video LBI
#92 w/Notes and Links  TheButtonShow #92
#91: 8/21/16 *r Facebook Tips
Tip: Editing w/Google Photos
App: Duo
#91 w/Notes and Links  Youtube #91
#90: 8/7/16 How do I Sync my Contacts?
Tip: Slow Motion Video
App: Llama
#90 w/Notes and Links  Youtube #90
#89: 7/31/16  Is it Time for New Smartphone?
Tip: Reset Cellular Connection
App: Trucker Path
#89 w/Notes and Links  Youtube #89
#88: 7/17/16 Geeks on Hudson #88 Geeks on Hudson  
#87: 7/10/16 *r Navigate with Google Maps
Tip: Multi Tasking
App: Torque
#87 w/Notes and Links Youtube #87
#86: 6/26/16 *r Free Up Space on your Phone
Tip: Straighten Photo
App: PayByPhone
#86 w/Notes and Links Youtube #86
#85: 6/19/16 Father’s Day Grab Bag of Tips
ICE, Search Photos, Search Phone, Scan Business Card …
App: Virtual Reality Walk Thru Dementia
#85 w/Notes and Links Youtube #85
#84: 6/12/16 App Store and Play Store
Tip: Calculations with Siri and Google Now
App: Glympse
#84 w/Notes and Links Youtube #84
#83: 6/5/16 *rr Google Photos FAQ
Tip: Camera Flash off
App: Twilight
#83 w/Notes and Links Youtube #83
#82: 5/22/16 YouTube on Mobile Devices
Tip: QR Code for Video
App: ShopSavvy
#82 w/Notes and Links Youtube #82
#81: 5/15/16 *r Location Services
Tip: Screenshots
App: Dark Sky
#81 w/Notes and Links Youtube #81
#80: 5/8/16 Wireless Flash Drive to Extend Phone/Tablet Storage
Tip: Mother’s Day Collage and Twitter
App: TV Antenna Pointing
#80 w/Notes and Links Youtube #80
#79: 5/1/16 *rr Backup your Phone
Tip: Hold the Phone/Camera
App: Animated Knots
#79 w/Notes and Links Youtube #79
#78: 4/24/16 Social Media w/Abby Stokes
Tip: Collage w/Google Photos
App: Sit or Squat
#78 w/Notes and Links Youtube #78
#77: 4/10/16 Google Photos: What’s New?
Tip: Print to Cloud Printer
App: My Data Manager
#77 w/Notes and Links Youtube #77
#76: 4/3/16 Printing from Smartphone
Tip: Facebook Dislike?
App: Snapfish
#76 w/Notes and Links Youtube #76
#75: 3/27/16 *r Right-Click = LongPress
Tip: Test whether an App uses Data
App: Drippler
#75 w/Notes and Links Youtube #75
#74: 3/13/16 *r Navigate with Google Maps
Tip: Data usage with Youtube
App: Vivino
#74 w/Notes and Links Youtube #74
#73: 3/6/16 Fun with Phones! A Grab Bag of tips and tricks
Tip/Gadget: Samsung Camera 2/Tablet  App: Google Photos Movie maker
#73 w/Notes and Links Youtube #73
#72: 2/28/16 Guests: Chris and Cherie from How to Connect to Internet from the Road.
Tip: Phones as WiFi hotspots
App: Coverage
#72 w/Notes and Links Youtube #72
#71: 2/21/16 Picasa Retires, Switch to Google Photos? Panel Discussion
Tip: using Snapseed to add editing features to Google Photos
#71 w/Notes and Links Youtube #71
#70: 2/14/16 Google Maps
Tip: Picasa Discontinued,
App: Google Cardboard
#70 w/Notes and Links Youtube #70
#69: 2/7/16 *r Managing Battery Power
Tip: Touch Key Lights, Flashlight
App: NFL
#69 w/Notes and Links Youtube #69
#68: 1/24/16 Facebook App for Mobile
Tip: Type Special Characters
App: View-Master VR
#68 w/Notes and Links Youtube #68
#67: 1/17/16 Password Discussion with guest: Mike Wendland
Tip: Stop the Ringing
#67 w/Notes and Links Youtube #67
#66: 1/10/16 Smartphone Basics
Tip: Do Not Disturb
App: Where Am I?
#66 w/Notes and Links Youtube #66
#65: 1/3/16 Google Photos – How to make a movie
Tip: What Does that Icon mean?
App: Open Signal
#65 w/Notes and Links Youtube #65
#64: 12/27/15 How to Make your Phone a WiFi Hotspot
Tip: Transfer pictures with Airdrop or Android Beam
App: SanDisk Connect
#64 w/Notes and Links Youtube #64
#63: 12/20/15 Connecting to Internet: WiFi or Cellular?
Tip: Changing Wallpaper
App: Windfinder
#63 w/Notes and Links Youtube #63
#62: 12/13/15 Google Photos Shared Albums
Tip: Prepare for NO Internet
App: Alfred
#62 w/Notes and Links Youtube #62
#61: 11/29/15 How to do a Factory Reset
Tip: Time Lapse Video
App: Amazon Kindle
#61 w/Notes and Links Youtube #61
#60: 11/22/15 What to do with Old Phones (continued)
Tip: Youtube Playlists
Gadget/App: Google Router
#60 w/Notes and Links Youtube #60
#59: 11/15/15 What to do with Old Phones (Internet problems cut us off early – topic will be continued in next episode)
Tip: Copy and Paste with phones
#59 w/Notes and Links Youtube #59
#58: 11/8/15 Smartphone Overview Tip: Screen Brightness, Apps from audience: Clean Master, Fitness Pal, Battery Doctor #58 w/Notes and Links Youtube #58
#57: 11/1/15 Text Messaging Tip: Do Not Disturb, App: Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp etc. #57 w/Notes and Links Youtube #57
#56: 10/18/15 Open Forum Q&A: App O Week – Duo Lingo #56 w/Notes and Links Youtube #56
#55: 10/11/15 Managing (backup) Pictures: Roaming, Hoo Too Travel Router #55 w/Notes and Links Youtube #55
#54: 9/27/15 Intro to Evernote: Google Now: Note To Self, Wink #54 w/Notes and Links Youtube #54
#53: 9/20/15 Organizing Home Screens: Google Photos Auto Correct, Roadtrippers App #53 w/Notes and Links Youtube #53
#52: 9/13/15 Alexa the Amazon Echo: Google Maps for Public Transit, SpotHero and SpotCycle #52 w/Notes and Links Youtube #52
#51: 9/6/15 Chargers, Cables, and Connections Tip: Setting Shortcuts, App: Speed Test #51 w/Notes and Links Youtube #51
#50: 8/30/15 Focus on Photos w Google Photos and Photofy Tip: Phone call multitasking, App: Fish Predictor #50 w/Notes and Links Youtube #50
#49: 8/23/15 Cleaning up Contacts2 Tip: Google Search, App: Shuttle #49 w/Notes and Links Youtube #49
#48: 8/16/15 Cleaning up Contacts1 Tip: Google Now, App: NPR One #48 w/Notes and Links Youtube #48
#47: 8/9/15 Lessons Learned. Lots of tips: camera settings, Facebook settings, learn to Swipe and to Swype! #47 w/Notes and Links Youtube #47
#46: 8/2/15 Block Robo-calls
Sharing Stuff using the Share Icon
Facebook Messenger
#46 w/Notes and Links Youtube #46
#45: 7/19/15 *r Tips: Power charging
Lesson: Apps: Install, Uninstall, Organize
App: Traillink
#45 w/Notes and Links Youtube #45
#44: 7/5/15 Tips: How to hold your phone when taking pictures
What to do with all those photos: Is Google Photos the answer? Phil May in England
#44 w/Notes and Links Youtube #44
#43: 6/14/15 Tips: Voice camera, Voice transcribing.
Internet Connections Abroad
Theme Park Apps
#43 w/Notes and Links Youtube #43
#42: 6/14/15 Tips: Caps on Swype, Bubble Level on iPhone
Getting Started with Google Photos
#42 w/Notes and Links Youtube #42
#41: 5/31/15 Special Guest Martin Brossman. Tip on the new Google Photos. Beginner’s Lesson on Google Hangouts for Text, Voice and Video calls #41 w/Notes and Links Youtube #41
#40: 5/24/15 Interview with Mike Wendland. Apps for travelers, dash cams etc. for security #40 w/Notes Youtube #40
#39: 5/17/15 Tips: fingerprint reader
Lesson: Photos to Facebook
App: Passport America
#39 w/Notes Youtube #39
#38: 5/3/15 Tips: FoxFi, ICE on Lock Screen
Lesson: Mobile Devices  – what are your basic choices
App: MyFitnessPal
#38 w/Notes and Links Youtube #38
#37: 4/26/15 Live from an RV Rally! Interview Chris Yust, Mac McCoy, Smitty from RVers Friend, Tom from Jirah. Quick Tip on Airplane mode #37 w/Notes and Links Youtube #37
#36: 4/19/15 From the home of Frank Drew. Smartphone Apps vs Mobile Websites, “Note To Self” Apps: Dark Sky and Uber #36 w/Notes and Links Youtube #36
#35: 4/12/15 Google Now – your personal assistant. Deleting multiple pictures, Hot Springs #35 w/Notes Youtube #35
#34: 4/5/15 Transferring Pictures from mobile device to Computer, tip on Uninstalling Apps #34 w/Notes Youtube #34
#33: 3/22/15 Dropbox part 2: Sharing files, tip on USB drive for Android and camera card reader #33 w/Notes Youtube #33
#32: 3/15/15 Dropbox cloud storage, Facebook notifications, Google Sky #32 w/Notes Youtube #32
#31: 2/22/15 Android and iOS8 Widgets, Remove “Picasa” pictures from Gallery, Silent Mode Timer #31 w/Notes YouTube #31
#30: 2/15/15 Email Setup, Turn Off Pre-Installed Apps, Toolbox #30 w/Notes YouTube #30
#29: 2/8/15 Data Usage, Auto Upload pictures with dropbox, Skype Video #29 w/Notes Youtube #29
#28: 1/25/15 *r Web Browsing, icon glossary, send location, TuneIn Radio #28 w/Notes Youtube #28
#27: 1/18/15 AARP RealPad Review, Copy and Paste, Digital Locker #27 w/Notes YouTube #27
#26: 1/11/15 Google Maps, Cracked Screens, Out of Milk #26 w/Notes YouTube #26
#25: 1/4/15 Photo Organization, Spare batteries, Google Translate #25 w/Notes Youtube #25
#24: 12/28/14 Bluetooth Keyboard, Radio, Speakers. App o Week: UNTappdNew Toys: Quadcopter and Digital Photo Frame #24 w/Notes Youtube #24
#23: 12/21/14 Setting Ringtones and Notification Sounds, tip1 Reject phone call, tip2 Share a contact, App: Google Earth #23 w/Notes Youtube #23
#22: 12/14/14 Adding pictures to contacts, panorama photo tip, Evernote #22 w/Notes Youtube #22
#21: 12/7/14 Notifications. App = Smart Remote #21 w/Notes Youtube #21
#20: 11/23/14 Scanning barcodes and QR codes, Google Goggles #20 w/Notes Youtube #20
#19: 11/9/14 Your phone and tablets’s pictures in the cloud using Google+ Photos
7/1/15 note: Google Plus Photos is now Google Photos and most of these concepts still apply.
#19 w/Notes Youtube #19
#18: 11/2/14 Swype Keyboard (followup to episode #7) Guests Bill Joyce and Diane Melde; Apps: First Aid and Urban Spoon #18 w/Notes Youtube #18
#17: 10/26/14 Editing Photos right on your phone or tablet, Call Confirm App to stop accidental calling #17 w/Notes Youtube #17
#16: 10/19/14 Airplane Mode, GoPro App to Control, View, and Share. #16 w/Notes Youtube #16
#15: 10/8/14
Wed at 2pm EDT
Taking photos with Geo Location info and viewing on a Map. App: Waze  #15 w Notes Youtube #15
#14: 9/27/14 Updates: System Updates and App Updates. Google App for iOS #14 w Notes Youtube #14
#13: 9/20/14 Using your smartphone or tablet to take notes. App: Field Trip #13 w Notes Youtube #13
#12: 9/13/14 If your device is lost or stolen. Find my iPhone/iPad and Find my Android. App: Earthquake Alert #12 w Notes Youtube #12
#11: 9/6/14 Talking to your Device: Siri and Google Now, Dictating and Transcribing, App: Fresh Food Finder  #11 w Notes Youtube #11
#10: 8/31/14 Google Calendar, App: Flixster #10 w Notes Youtube #10
#9: 8/24/14 Camera Basics, App: Where Am I? #9 w Notes Youtube #9
#8: 8/17/14 Connecting to WiFi, App: Swiss Army Knife App #8 w Notes Youtube #8
#7: 8/10/14 Using the Onscreen keyboard. App: TV antenna helper #7 w Notes Youtube #7
#6: 8/3/14 Going “Back” on iPad, using Back Button on Android, HDR Photo setting, Liquor Run App #6 w Notes Youtube #6
#5: 7/27/14 Synchronizing email among devices. Galaxy S5 change battery. Pandora Radio App. Q&A #5 w/Notes Youtube #5
#4: 7/20/14 Organizing Home Screens, App: Carr Matey, Location Tag tip for Galaxy S5 #4 w/Notes Youtube #4
#3: 7/13/14 Multi-Tasking/Recent Apps; Amazon Kindle App; Galaxy S5 Power Saving #3 w/Notes Youtube #3
#2: 7/6/14 Settings for Sleep/Lock, Voice Control of camera App: My-Cast for weather #2 w/Notes Youtube #2
#1: 6/29/14 Home Button, Keyring, iPad printing #1 w/Notes  
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41 replies on “The Button Show”

  1. Linda kingsbury says:

    Thanks so much for your help, love you guys!

  2. Linda Kingsbury says:

    I took pictures of all my old pictures and they are in Google photos. They are listed on the date that I took the pictures and they went into Google Photos. I would like to change the date and have them listed by the year they occurred. What episode did you talk about this?

  3. Linda Kingsbury says:

    I have a galaxy S5, I use Google photos and love it with auto backup. There is still a category in my Gallery that says, Picassa, with the Picassa symbol, and 4,326 pics listed. I believe most of these photos are backed up already. Is there any way to check this before I delete this folder?

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  5. Paul Davies says:

    I like your newsletter articles. However your focus tends to be on travellers and the U.S. Market. Therefore I am not sure. Also your TV will be in U.S. Time. Any thoughts?
    Best regards


    • MrsGeek says:

      Paul, I hope you caught our articles on travels to UK ( We teach about using technology to plan, preserve, and share your travels – but it applies equally to people who have non-travel related photos and stories to tell as well. The weekly show is all about using smartphones – not just for travel. Although the time may be inconvenient to watch the show live, the recordings are available on Youtube anytime.

  6. […] here in the US. We have no appearances scheduled, but we will be doing our Sunday shows, “What Does This Button Do?” We even hope to do a show from the UK! Anyone in the UK want a Geek presentation? Contact […]

  7. […] platform, they often operate very differently. They also invited us to join them in their weekly “What Does This Button Do?”  program seen live  every Sunday at 2 PM […]

  8. Carolyn Ryder says:

    When I pressed #8 to watch the video #7 came up. I repeated it twice, and it still came up as #7.

  9. Michael D. says:

    I like Chris’ new hair style. Yours is OK too Jim. 🙂

  10. Michael D. says:

    That is good news. And I have good news of another kind. I got my Geeks on Tour fix today by watching the YouTube video “Picasa Collages” again for the 3rd or 4th time. So I guess I really don’t need to fly to Arizona this week after all.

    I’m on my way to surpassing Mrs. Geeks’ record number of collages created in Picasa. Today’s special one was eight grand kids surrounding a photo of myself when I was only 4 years old. I think there is a family resemblance. 🙂

  11. Michael D. says:

    Uh, Oh. This could be a cold hard winter without The Geek’s Hangouts. Psst, hey Geeks, if you didn’t know, I sure will miss your weekly shows. 🙂

  12. Michael D. says:

    I sure hope your internet connection is a good one, when you get back in Arizona. If there are no weekly shows while you are there, I might have to change my plans to visit Florida to Phoenix instead. So I can drive up to Camp Verde for my Geeks on Tour weekly fix.

  13. Michael D. says:

    Hey guys, great topic for this week’s show. However, having three guests was probably too many. I tune in to here what you have to say and your message got diluted by all the others. My opinion, for what it’s worth.


  14. LuVerne Underhill says:

    Finally had the data available to watch all of the WDTBD videos. Gary and I picked up new Moto Xs last week and we are trying to be sure we get them working to the best possible advantage. Hope you are enjoying your SCUBA trip. Don’t think we’ll ever get another chance to take a dive.

    FYI, we had the opportunity to up our data usage to 40 per month at the same cost as we were previously paying for the 20G. I’m glad you didn’t have a problem with your grandfathered plan for unlimited.

    See you in Pomona?


  15. Priscilla Ware says:

    Hey Chris and Jim,

    I love your “What Does This Button Do” series!! Thank you so much. I have learned a lot. Have you considered doing an episode on Gnotes? I want to be able to create notes then access them on any device and to be able to find one note among many. I think Gnotes might be able to do this. I have sticky notes all over my desk! It is unsightly!!

    I also need to find an alternate for keeping track of all my user accounts, user names and passwords. My tablet would be a great place to do this because it goes with me most of the time. But then I would need to secure the list with a pass word. There is so much I would like to do with my Samsung Tab 2!

    I am looking forward to your next show!

    Thanks so very much, you two are a blessing!


  16. I logged in and tried to get section #10 and #9 to come up and I got a no data for the down load. Why?

    What is URI?

  17. Michael D. says:

    Could you explain how to use “Cut & Paste” on an Android (Nexus 7) tablet? I use the FireFox web browser and cannot seem to get copy & paste to work. Thanks.

  18. wayne richards says:

    Why the s5 and not the 5 active?

  19. keith cooper says:

    let me suggest a couple simple apps Sun Seeker lite . Identifies the sun position in relation to your current location throughout the day. Don’t really want sunrise coming in the bedroom window in the morning if we can avoid it.
    Second app roadtrippers

  20. daneashta says:

    I am trying to keep up, summer is so busy. I feel that I am learning so much and you both do a great job of explaining. Thank you

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