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Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour, and they like to learn. They’ll teach you about using your technology for fun stuff like photos, maps, and blogs. Technology that is especially useful for travelers, but for anyone who likes smartphones, photos, and maps! We suggest browsing:

We tour the country in a motorhome and present technology seminars to other travelers along the way. We are Geeks who Teach and we love technology that enhances our lives. Like the free Google Photos for effortlessly keeping the thousands of pictures we take, or Google Maps on our smart phones that we use to navigate, or Blogger, the free site we use to keep our personal travel blog. You can learn how to do all this by watching our Tutorial Videos.

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Do you love seeing your memories in pictures? We think using Google Photos online, and Google’s Picasa software on your computer are by far the easiest way to enjoy your lifetime of photos. There is so much to learn about them that we have a special site LearnGooglePhotos.com offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Google Photos and Picasa.

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Mounting phones and tablets to your dashboard

Mounting phones and tablets to your dashboard

I like to use my phone and/or my iPad for navigating. We’ve used many different methods over the years for mounting our devices on our dash. In the past, we’ve used vertical surface area to attach Velcro, stick a bit of the other side of the Velcro to the back of your device and you [Click for the rest …]

Places we would have missed without Roadtrippers

Places we would have missed without Roadtrippers

The Roadtrippers website and mobile app is our favorite way to find places to see and things to do. You just tell it where you’re going in general and it will show you all the attractions, outdoor recreation, and other interesting places nearby. Could we have found these with other types of research? Sure. But [Click for the rest …]

Do you plan road trips? I think you'll like Roadtrippers and RVParky.

Do you plan road trips? I think you’ll like Roadtrippers and RVParky.

We’ve traveled by RV for over 14 years now. I think every traveler has a different way of planning their trips. Some like to wander with no plan at all. Others have every night planned out and reservations made 6 months in advance. Our needs are somewhere in the middle. Our work is at RV Rallies [Click for the rest …]

How to use Group Photo Albums

How to use Group Photo Albums

We go to a lot of RV Rallies. At some of them, we helped coordinate a shared photo album so that anyone in the group could post their photos to the album and all could see the combined group of photos. We do it with a Google Photos shared album. How to view a shared [Click for the rest …]

Google Photos Book now available on Amazon

Google Photos Book now available on Amazon

Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos, Second Edition, is now available on Amazon. If you go to Amazon.com, set the search criteria to Books (instead of All Departments) and search for Google Photos, you will come right to Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos! Or you can click on one of the images below. The 2nd [Click for the rest …]

Maximizing your smartphone's battery life when you are off-grid

Maximizing your smartphone’s battery life when you are off-grid

We just spent the last week in some beautiful national parks – Yellowstone and Grand Tetons – there was very little cell service in those parks! We could live with that, we wanted to spend most of our time out doors taking pictures. The distressing thing was how fast my phone’s battery ran down. Guess [Click for the rest …]

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