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About Geeks on Tour

Jim and Chris are Geeks on Tour – they are Geeks who Teach!

Jim and Chris travel the country and the world, specializing in teaching technology for travelers. Chris wrote the book on Google Photos. Google Maps is their #1 smartphone app, and they can teach you how to make your own travelog website with Blogger.

Nationally known, popular seminar presenters, Jim and Chris have been professional computer trainers since 1983.

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Google Photos can make a phone call from a photo of a business card
For years, I've wanted a simple system for storing business cards people give me along my travels. The operative word is simple! Sometimes they're important, like my insurance agent's card, and sometimes it's just friendly, like the camper next door who tells us to stop by if we ever pass near their home. Sometimes …
Sending a Photo directly from one Android to another with “Nearby Share.”
People with iPhones have had the ability to "Airdrop" photos amongst themselves for a long time. They think nothing of simply saying, "will you airdrop that photo to me?" When the sender complies, the photo magically appears in the receiver's camera roll. Easy-peasy. Android users have the same functionality, and it is now just …
Using Google Maps for Public Transit Directions
We spent a week on our own in London and traveled around by the Underground (subway), Buses, and Trains. In the past we've had to acquaint ourselves with the various routes by getting a paper map. Now we just ask Google Maps for directions like we always do, but instead of selecting the car …
Adding iCloud Photos to a Google Shared Album
I love Google Photos and I think everyone should use it! But, I know that's not realistic. There are lots of Apple iPhone users out there who are perfectly happy with the Apple iCloud Photos way of managing their pictures. Although it is possible to install Google Photos on an iPhone and use both …
How to find your phone using your watch
I know my phone is here somewhere! "Hey Honey, will you call my phone?" Oops, "Honey" isn't home. What do you do? We've covered this topic before, but that was before Apple watches so we taught how to use the web to do the job. Now, if you have an Apple watch and an …
Google Photos vs. Apple’s iCloud Photo Library
Apple Photos and iCloud perform the same functions as Google Photos. This article explains the differences and why you might want to use Google Photos on your Apple iPhone.