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Sep 2021 News: Google Photos issue

August was a play month! We visited a national park, drove over a 12,000 foot pass in the Rockies, visited lots of friends, showed off our Star Trek geekiness by stopping at the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk (photo above), slept at a winery, and hung out at the shore. Fun, fun, fun. . read more

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Jim and Chris travel the country by RV and specialize in teaching technology for travelers. Chris wrote the book on Google Photos. Google Maps is their #1 smartphone app, and they can teach you how to make your own travelog website with Blogger.

Nationally known, popular seminar presenters, Jim and Chris have been professional computer trainers since 1983.

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From trash to treasure – improve your photos with Google Photos editing tools
Don't trash that bad photo until you try a couple of simple tweaks with Google Photos editing tools. You may be surprised at what a good photo it turns out to be!
218.How to Make Movies from Your Photos Quick and Easy Using Google Photos
Want to make a little movie with your photos and video clips? It is drop-dead simple with Google Photos. Amaze your friends with your movie, complete with music. This episode will show you how,
Samsung Gallery can add fun stickers to your photos
I felt this picture needed a better sun, a happier sun, a fun sun! So, I used Samsung Gallery and added a sticker. It's extremely easy to do. Just open the Samsung Gallery app and find the photo you want to use. Tap the edit button, then the sticker button. Browse thru all the …
Apple Photos: a soft waterfall effect
You won't believe how easy it is to create this effect First take a live photo of running water On an iPhone, open the camera and make sure the "Live Photo" button is on. It's the bullseye circles in the upper left corner. Tap it to see "Live On." Now take a photo of …
Beautify your photos with just a couple steps in the free Snapseed App
When you look at the first picture, that rock is pretty impressive, but then when you see the second one you realize how much detail is missing in the first. I call that getting detail in the shadows. Most photo editing programs have a feature to brighten shadows and get more detail. People say, …
Improve your photos with simple steps in Google Photos
You don't have to be a professional photographer, or spend lots of time with complex photo software to change an OK photo to one that people say, "Wow" Just some simple tools in Google Photos will do the trick.