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Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour, and they like to learn. They’ll teach you about using your technology for fun stuff like photos, maps, and blogs. Technology that is especially useful for travelers, but for anyone who likes smartphones, photos, and maps! We suggest browsing:

We tour the country in a motorhome and present technology seminars to other travelers along the way. We are Geeks who Teach and we love technology that enhances our lives. Like the free Google Photos for effortlessly keeping the thousands of pictures we take, or Google Maps on our smart phones that we use to navigate, or Blogger, the free site we use to keep our personal travel blog. You can learn how to do all this by watching our Tutorial Videos.

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Do you love seeing your memories in pictures? We think using Google Photos online, and Google’s Picasa software on your computer are by far the easiest way to enjoy your lifetime of photos. There is so much to learn about them that we have a special site LearnGooglePhotos.com offers articles almost every week on tips and tricks for using Google Photos and Picasa.

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Chromebooks can't do everything. Maybe that's why they're the only computer we take on vacation.

Chromebooks can’t do everything. Maybe that’s why they’re the only computer we take on vacation.

Jim and I are on vacation right now. We’re in Grand Cayman about to board a dive boat for a week. The first few nights we stayed in the Comfort Suites hotel and they have good Wi-Fi, so we did our normal “Gabbing with the Geeks” Facebook Live session on Thursday afternoon, and we’re getting [Click for the rest …]

My smartphone helps me with Time Zone confusion

My smartphone helps me with Time Zone confusion

Traveling across time zones can be so confusing when you need to call someone, or get to an online meeting at the right time. After 14 years of RVing, you’d think I’d have it figured out. That’s where the real problems start … when I think I have it figured out! Invariably, I adjust my [Click for the rest …]

QR for Google Photos eBook

QR for Google Photos eBook

Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos, 2nd Edition This is the downloadable .pdf version. The print edition will be available on Amazon in August. Release date: 6/25/18 – available here free for a limited time. 7.95 in our Store. To see how to scan this code, and how we made it, see Episode 146 of [Click for the rest …]

Techno-Geeks and GPS systems

Techno-Geeks and GPS systems

We know lots of people who work at RV rallies, Eric and Tami, of TechnoRV are 2 of our favorites. We’re like carnies, except we don’t travel together. We meet up at the rallies. So, when we saw that we were parked right next to them, celebration was in order. You may remember, back in 2012, [Click for the rest …]

Get away, stay connected - our life on tour

Get away, stay connected – our life on tour

Over the years of traveling by RV, we’ve evolved. From wandering, to sightseeing, to working on the road. This summer, my husband and I – as GeeksOnTour – are on the road for 5 months and are booked to give seminars at 7 different RV rallies. As we travel, we are making our living from [Click for the rest …]

Roadtrippers helps you find fun stops

Roadtrippers helps you find fun stops

We just finished the Escapade rally in Sedalia, MO, and our next stop is in Michigan for the FMCA Great Lakes area rally called Glamarama. We have a week to get there so I wanted to find one or two fun things to do along the way. That is exactly where Roadtrippers excels. Roadtrippers.com is [Click for the rest …]

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