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We will not be live on YouTube this Sunday 6/13. See you on 6/20 when we’ll be live streaming from our RV somewhere on the road! Visit archives of all our past YouTube shows on the menu above.

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Jun 2021 News: Travel Planning, Harvest Hosts, Google Photos 2021

The big RV Rallies were all cancelled in 2020, but they’re ON this year. Both the FMCA Int’l Convention, and the Escapees Club Escapade are being held during the month of July in Wyoming. We’ll be there, and we hope to see many of you there too. The Escapade is already sold out, but if you’re registered, there is still room in our pre-rally Smartphone Photography workshop. Since we’re getting ready to hit the road ourselves, the theme for this newsletter is Travel Planning. We use lots of different maps and apps … read more

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Jim and Chris travel the country by RV and specialize in teaching technology for travelers. Chris wrote the book on Google Photos. Google Maps is their #1 smartphone app, and they can teach you how to make your own travelog website with Blogger.

Nationally known, popular seminar presenters, Jim and Chris have been professional computer trainers since 1983.

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Tech Tip: The Benefits of reading books with the Kindle app
https://youtu.be/zGccr7aOmx4 How to control Kindle books on your smartphone In Episode 214 of What Does This Button Do? we go into detail on using the Kindle app on mobile devices.         You don't need to own a Kindle device in order to read Kindle books. The free …
214. Using the Kindle App on smartphones
Everyone can view any episode for free. Just click on the play button above. Scroll down to see the show notes, after 2 weeks, these will be available for Members Only. Members get access to the extensive show-notes Chris writes up after each show. Read them online and follow links directly to the parts …
Travel Planning: Calculating Dates
We need to be in Gillette, WY no later than July 5 in order to present our seminars for the FMCA 103d Int'l Convention and RV Expo. We want to visit a couple of friends along the way, and perhaps even see some new sights. I use Roadtrippers to plot our route because it …
RV Travel Planning: Staying at Harvest Hosts
When you travel by RV, you don't really need a place to stay, you just need a place to park. RV parks with full hookups are nice but not always necessary. If you're willing to park somewhere without hookups, you have many more options. One of our favorites is called Harvest Hosts. Rather than …
Google Lens will tell you about the things around you
I bought this plant to put in my back yard garden, but I don't know if it needs sun or shade. If I knew the name of the plant, I would just google how to care for it, but I have no idea what it is called. This is where Google Lens comes in. …
QR Codes are everywhere, do you know what to do with them?
The watchword during a pandemic is "Contactless" – don't touch anything. That's why we're seeing QR codes in restaurants these days. Instead of a menu that gets passed from hand to hand, the restaurant just prints a QR code on the table on on a stand up sign. Use your phone to scan the …