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As Geeks on Tour, we tour the country and present technology seminars. We also present over Zoom. We list our appearances and include all the class materials on this page. Check it out. You may be able to join an upcoming class, or review one.

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Jim and Chris are Geeks on Tour – they are Geeks who Teach!

Jim and Chris travel the country and the world, specializing in teaching technology for travelers. Chris wrote the book on Google Photos. Google Maps is their #1 smartphone app, and they can teach you how to make your own travelog website with Blogger.

Nationally known, popular seminar presenters, Jim and Chris have been professional computer trainers since 1983.

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Photo Editing Examples
These are before and after examples from Google Photos and Snapseed photo editing. Just using Google Photos: Crop, Dynamic, Vignette Snapseed: Tune Image – Ambiance, Details – Structure Snapseed: Expand – Black border, Text Brush – Saturation+10 brushed on to rainbow Snapseed: Portrait – Face Spotlight, Skin Smoothing
You have my Google Photos book, but have you read it?
My book, "Learn Google Photos" is available on Amazon in Print or as Kindle eBook. A lot of people have purchased it, I don't think many of them have actually read it. This is not intended to be a guilt trip, I'm just recognizing that reading a comprehensive manual from cover to cover is …
Google Maps shows the Price of Gas … and Diesel
When we lived on the road, we used an app called Gas Buddy all the time. We could see at a glance if gas (or Diesel) was cheaper on this side of the state line, or the other. We still use it for that when we travel, but Google Maps is catching up. Search …
How to Change the Frame of an iPhone Live Photo
Question from Mary: Sometimes when I take a photograph with my iPhone, the snapshot moves briefly when I view it. Why?Sometimes this exceedingly brief "video" has an image I would like to save and print at the beginning and not at the end of the movement. Specifically dolphins leaping from the water. Is there …
Hawaii – our 50th State!
Jim's 70th birthday was this January, we had to celebrate big. He wanted to go to Hawaii, it's the only state he had not visited. We decided to do a cruise on NCL's Pride of America because that way we could easily visit 4 different islands in one week. We have now visited all …
Zoom Meeting Views
We are in Zoom meetings multiple times each week and we've noticed some new issues recently. A barely noticeable dialog box is preventing people from unmuting or turning on their camera If your view is set to "Full Screen" (which happens by default when someone shares screen) you do not have access to top, …