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Oct 2021 News: Google Drive, Smartphone Keyboards, Google Maps Sharing

After our 3,000+ miles in August, from the time we got home on September 3, to the end of the month, we just stayed home and chilled. At the end of the month, we just had to go somewhere, so we took the motorhome for a few days in the keys. People come from all over the world to see this beauty and itโ€™s right in our backyard. . read more

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Jim and Chris travel the country by RV and specialize in teaching technology for travelers. Chris wrote the book on Google Photos. Google Maps is their #1 smartphone app, and they can teach you how to make your own travelog website with Blogger.

Nationally known, popular seminar presenters, Jim and Chris have been professional computer trainers since 1983.

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Google Photos – Ask Chris Anything 10-18-21
Chris answers 28 questions about Google Photos in this 1 hour, Live-streaming event. Chris Guld is the author of Learn Google Photos and is a Platinum level Google Product Expert.
Google Photos – uploading a folder from your computer to an album
You've been putting it off haven't you? You have dozens of well-organized folders of your photos and videos all on your computer's hard drive. They need to be in the cloud – in Google Photos, but you've heard that you'll lose your folder structure. All that work! Gone! Well, that's only if you use …
221. Google Maps Hidden features: Street View and Timeline
Watch as we demonstrate, in detail, how to use Google Street View and Google Maps Timeline on both computer and mobile devices.
Back to Basics: Your smartphone’s keyboard
I know you use the keyboard on your smartphone all the time, but it never hurts to take a minute to "sharpen the saw" and see if there are any bits of knowledge that can make your life easier! So, I've made a little checklist here of basic features of the keyboards on smartphones. …
Find your spouse with Google Maps
No, I'm not talking about finding your future spouse. The name is Google Maps, not Google Matchmaker ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm talking about knowing the whereabouts of your current spouse, or significant other, or friend. And Google Maps makes it so easy. My husband and I both share our Google Maps location with the other, so …
Google Drive for Desktop: confusion is strong with this one
On Oct 1, Google retired the product called "Backup and Sync." In its place is a product called Drive for Desktop. People are asking, "What was Backup and Sync, and how do I know if I have it?" "What is Drive for Desktop and why would I need it?" "What happened on October 1 …