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Second Edition: Mrs. Geek's Guide to Google Photos

Second Edition: Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos

This page is intended as a supplement to Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos, it includes both free content and premium.

There are two Review quizzes in the book, Here they are in interactive format, with answers:

Review Chapters 1-5

Review Chapters 6-10

Google Photos Updates

12/19/18: Photo albums can now hold up to 20,000 photos. See Android Police article

12/11/18: Unsupported videos: web version – settings, Unsupported videos listed and may take up space.

12/6/18: Express Backup – In addition to Original, and High Quality, there is now a size choice for Express Backup

11/20/18: Depth Editor and Color pop now available for iOS. See How to use Depth Editor and Color Pop in Google Photos

10/10/18: Read announcement here.

  • Live Albums – A special kind of album where you specify certain people and any pictures of those people or pets will be added to the album automatically.
  • Top Shot on Pixel 3: Take a motion picture with a Pixel 3 phone, and Google Photos will pick the best frame to be your still.
  • Depth Editor: you can adjust the amount of blur/focus on portrait photos. Only available on Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and a few other Android phones that take portrait/depth photos.
  • Color Pop: only available on portrait/depth type of photos. It leaves the main subject in color and the blurry background turns to black and white.

9/15/18: You can now add up to 10,000 photos or videos to a private album.

  • In a shared album, each person can add up to 10,000 photos or videos until the album reaches 20,000 total.
  • In large albums, some features may not be available
  • Mrs. Geek’s note: it’s still best to keep your albums under 500 photos. They get too confusing, unwieldy, and some features may not work in the bigger albums. The purpose of albums is to segment your photos/highlight your best. 10,000 photos is not a segment!

9/1/18: Photo Books can now have captions with the photos. See this demo in episode 151.

8/5/18: Problem with Snapseed not opening from iOS Google Photos menu. Reported in this thread.

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