Traveling the country in an RV with her husband, Jim. We present seminars at RV rallies and computer clubs all over the country.

Feb 162018
Snapseed: Getting started with photo editing

**under construction** To get the most out of this Learning Guide you need to have Google Photos and Snapseed installed on your iPhone/iPad or your Android phone or tablet. Then, you’ll want the exercise files. We have compiled a group of photos to use as we demonstrate the editing techniques. These files are available for [Click for the rest …]

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Feb 042018
February 2018 Newsletter: Bicycle Trails, Google Photos, Facebook Groups

Monthly Issue #125 February, 2018 | Newsletter Archives | Become a Member   — Geeks on Tour is member supported. This FREE newsletter is made possible by our paid (Premium) members.  Member benefits include access to over 400 tutorial videos, asking questions on ‘Ask the Geeks’ form, Show Notes for our weekly show, “What Does This Button Do?” and all our eBooks including [Click for the rest …]

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Feb 042018
Finding Bicycle Trails

We have these special new bikes – they’re foldable so they fit in the van, or on the special racks that Jim made. And, they’re electric so we don’t have to worry about getting tired. We want to ride them! How to turn on the Map View for Bicycle Trails We’re in the Tampa area [Click for the rest …]

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Feb 012018
Facebook Groups

We were guests on the YouTube show of Michael Daniels and The topic was Facebook Basics, and making a Facebook group. We don’t teach too much on Facebook, so I thought our readers might be interested in this video. So many of us use Facebook all the time. We’ve just kind of jumped in and [Click for the rest …]

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Jan 292018
Smartphone Skills Checklist

How do you know what you need to learn? Print out this straightforward checklist, then check off all the items you feel comfortable with – the unchecked items are what need work. Anywhere you see a number refers to a video or an episode of What Does This Button Do that will teach that skill.

 Posted by on January 29, 2018
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