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Traveling the country in an RV with her husband, Jim. We present seminars at RV rallies and computer clubs all over the country and run this website.

195. How to learn Smartphones at

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  1. Tip of the Day: Searching within one Web page
  2. Main Lesson: Smartphone skills checklist, and how to find tutorials on this website.

Download .pdf members only (you’ll see a dropbox login, but you can just close it – no Dropbox account is needed)

1:32 Beginning and Quick Tip

To search within a webpage Use Ctrl-F on a computer (Cmd-F on Mac) to search for something on a webpage. But, what about on a phone? See Video 644.SM-Search within webpage

On Android with the Chrome browser: open the page you want to search, tap the 3-dot menu at upper right, choose Find in Page, type the word you’re looking for – the search works as you type.

On an iPhone with the Safari browser: open the page you want to search, tap the share/action button (square with up arrow), scroll down a bit and you’ll see Find on page.

During this episode, we refer to a handout with a Smartphone Skills Checklist and an introduction to getting around on our website. Download the handout by going to You can scroll thru and readi it right there. Or, you can download it to your computer by clicking the down arrow at the top right of the screen. There is no need to sign in to Dropbox unless you want to save it in your own Dropbox account.

10:12 We describe what you’ll see when you download the handout ( It’s 2 pages: one is a tour of our website. It explains what’s there, what is free and what is for members only. The other page is a Smartphone Skills Checklist, including a references to learning resources on the website.

All of our content is accessed from the main menu. The menu for YouTube show takes you to a page where all 194 episodes are archived. The YouTube shows are free for anyone to watch, if you are a premium members you also get detailed show notes. The Blogs/News menu reveals our newsletter archives – every month for 13 years! It also includes all articles. Newsletters and articles are public and free. The Tutorials menu/All videos shows all 644 short tutorial videos that we’ve ever made. The higher the number, the newer the video. The Q&A menu takes you to our forum. This is where members can ask any question and either Chris or Jim promise to respond.

Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Mac) comes in VERY handy on our pages of material. In our hundreds of articles or videos, you could search for a word and find items with that word in the title. Pay attention to the date. We’ve been doing this since 2007! Even the oldest material offer good information, but realize that the details have probably changed.

If you just want to find any type of information on our site, you can use the Search box at the top right. For example, you can search for “organize photos” or “how to make my phone a hotspot” and it will search our whole website and give you some results.

26:55 Smartphone Skills Checklist (

This checklist is just something that Chris came up with for people to know where they stand in regard to smartphone skills. She has worked with LOTS of people to help them with their phones. She has found that, if they know all the things on this list, they are very proficient with their phones. Even if they only know half, they’re doing pretty good. Then, when you find something on the list you don’t know, she’s listed if there is a resource on our website where you can learn it.

For example, one of the first things to check is that you know how to find your account ID- on iPhone that’s the Apple ID, on Android it’s a Google Account. The handout lists s137 as the reference where you can learn more. The s stands for one of our Shows, the 137 is the episode. So, go to and click the menu item for YouTube shows, then find episode 137. Chris plays the segment of the video that shows how to find your Apple ID.

If you are not a member, you can watch the entire YouTube show and learn all about Accounts. If you are a member, you can read thru the show notes and find what you need to know, or click the timestamp link to watch the part of the video that teaches what you need to know. She clicks the timestamp to learn how to find the Apple ID

Next sample is “View Data Usage statistics” the handout shows s29 and v375. S = a show #29 would be pretty old. Chris decides to show Video 375 375.SM-Smartphones and Data Usage.

The next sample from the smartphone checklist is to copy and paste. Notice it lists v603 as the resource to learn how to do this. Chris goes to the Tutorials menu, All Videos, and scrolls down to 603.SM-How Do I Copy and Paste? The video shows that longpress is the key to copy and paste. Longpress on the item you want to copy, 2 markers appear. Drag the markers to the beginning and end of what you want to copy and tap the word that has popped up to Copy. Now go to the place where you want to paste – longpress and tap Paste.

42:51 The next sample is how to scan a document. On the checklist, it references s156. So Chris click the YouTube Show menu and then finds episode 156 which is all about scanning documents. She scrolls thru the notes to find the place with the demo of scanning from Dropbox. You need the Dropbox app on your phone, open it up then tap the + to create a new file. Choose Scan document. Place the document on a contrasting document, then just point your phone’s camera at the document – no clicking, just point. Tap the arrow at the top to save.

The last sample is how to view photos on a map. The handout shows a magnifying glass and the words “Photos map.” That means to use the Search box at the top of the website and search for “photos map.” Lots of results will come up with lots of results. Chris choosese to show a simple one of “Swipe up to view Map” and there you learn that in Google Photos, you can open a photo and just swipe up. If the photo has location data attached, you will see a map there.


Is your phone making payments without you?

Image result for google pay icon

Our phones, with Google, Apple, or Samsung accounts make it very easy to purchase things. Has anyone set up a subscription purchase and, months later, wondered what is that charge and how do I stop it? I’ve also heard from people who routinely hand their phones to their grandkids and later find charges for games they’ve never heard of.

Here’s how to see your charges, find what subscriptions are being paid and stop them:


  • To see all transactions: Open the Google Pay app on your phone, or go to on a web browser making sure you’re signed in to your Google account. View your Recent Activity, tap See more if necessary. This will show you all of the payments that have been made using your account. Tap on any single item and you will see the payment method that was used – which credit card or other account.
  • To see subscriptions: On the phone you can stay in Google Pay and tap the account button in the upper right and choose “Manage your Google Account.” On a computer web browser you can go to Find the Payments and subscriptions menu, then you’ll see all your subscriptions. To cancel, click Manage subscriptions and then click on the one you want to cancel until you see the option to Cancel or Deactivate.


  • To see transactions: There is no consolidated list of Apple Pay transactions, but you can see recent transactions by individual credit cards being used by Apple Pay. On your phone, open Settings, Wallet and Apple Pay, tap a payment card and then Transactions.
  • To see subscriptions: On your phone, open Settings then tap on the very top entry with your name, Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store, then Subscriptions. Here you will see all the subscriptions. To cancel one, just tap on it and you should see more detail, including a button to cancel.


  • To see transactions: You can see recent transactions by your payment card. On your phone, open the Samsung Pay app. tap the 3-line menu and choose Cards. Select a card and swipe up for transactions.
  • To see subscriptions: I can’t find any information on viewing subscriptions with Samsung Pay. I have to assume that you can’t use Samsung Pay for subscriptions.

I highly recommend using your phone for payments. Especially in this time of Pandemic – your phone gives you a contactless method of payment. Security is also very high. When you hold your phone next to a payment terminal, you need to unlock it with your passcode or fingerprint. Your phone never sends your actual credit card number, it uses a different one-time-use number for each transaction, keeping your payment info safe.

Members only meeting on July 12: Let’s talk about smartphones

On Sunday, July 12 we had a private Zoom meeting just for our premium members. It was an open Q&A session with a theme of Smartphone comparisons. We started with a poll, with 37 responses, here are the results:

1. What kind of phone do you have? ( Single Choice)

  • Answer 1: Android = 54%
  • Answer 2: iPhone = 45%

2. How old is your phone? ( Single Choice)

  • Answer 1: Less than 1 year old = 28%
  • Answer 2: 1-3 years old = 46%
  • Answer 3: 3-5 years old = 26%
  • Answer 4: Greater than 5 years old = 0%

3. How expensive was your phone? ( Single Choice)

  • Answer 1: Less than $100 = 0%
  • Answer 2: $100 – $300 = 18%
  • Answer 3: $300 – $700 = 38%
  • Answer 4: More than $700 = 44%

4. Do you plan to buy a new phone within the next year? ( Single Choice)

  • Answer 1: Yes = 20%
  • Answer 2: No = 80%

Members only can view the video of the meeting and get some notes below.

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194. Google Photos redesigned

Everyone can view any episode for free. Just click on the play button above.

Scroll down to see the show notes, these will be available for all for 24 hrs after the webcast. Then it goes back to Members Only.

Members get access to the extensive show-notes Chris writes up after each show. Read them online and follow links directly to the parts you’re interested in. We recommend you print them out and keep them in a notebook. It’s a great way to learn.

Not a member? Join here. This episode covers:

  1. Tip of the Day: Camera settings for location tags on photos
  2. Main Lesson: Finding your way around the redesigned Google Photos
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July 2020 News: Google Photos Redesigned, Mobile Internet Update, Shaky video

  July 2020 | Issue 155  | Archives
What’s Up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?
June was another full month of quarantine, but we got away for a couple of days during the last week. Our dive club arranged for a day trip to the keys to paddle kayaks around in the mangroves. We jumped at the chance to get away and took our camper van a couple days earlier. Ahhhhh – such beautiful sunsets. We continued our Zoom meetings and added paid
workshops on Google photos. We got some great feedback, so we plan to make these online workshops a regular part of our schedule.  See our June Google Photos album for some more pictures, and our blog for the rest of the story.
What Does This Button Do?
We added two new episodes to our YouTube “Button” shows in May.
Members Only Zoom meeting / classes
We did not have any separate meetings or classes for our members in June, but we did hold after show “Backstage Pass” meetings after both of the button shows.
Tutorial Videos – for members
We also added several new short show-me videos for Google Photos. See the complete list here.

What’s coming up – Our Calendar
               July 5 3pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom for Premium Members
Monday, July 6 12pm ET Chris will be a guest on “Tech for Seniors” with Ron Brown and Hewie Poplock. Here topic is Sharing with Google Photos
Monday, July 27 10:15pm ET! Golden Gate Computer Society remote meeting. Google Photos presentation.
We’re still under stay home orders.
All personal public appearances are cancelled for the foreseeable future.
Announcing!! Google Photos Workflow: a hands-on workshop with Chris Guld, a Google Photos product expert. Chris will show you how best to work with Google Photos. You’ll even have exercises to do on your own device with Google Photos.
  • What: a 2 hr workshop held over Zoom with maximum 6 attendees
  • When: 1) Friday, July 17 at 1pm Eastern to 3pm
  • Cost: $49 per person
  • How to sign up: Click Here
Live YouTube Shows Sunday at 2pm Eastern time. Most weeks.
If we don’t do a live Button Show, we’ll do a Member Zoom at 2pm Eastern.
Live Zoom meetings for Premium Members after the live shows. Watch your email for announcements of scheduled shows.
Stay safe. Wash your hands.
Ask the Geeks Q&A forum.

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions:

  1. Sending pictures from Google Photos by email
  2. Samsung phone won’t save edits
  3. EXIF Tags
  4. Blogs-Updated Google Photos
  5. Posting from Google Photos to Youtube

Lots of Changes for Google Photos

Google Photos turns 5 years old and gets a facelift. The next time you open the app, you may feel a bit lost because the 3-line menu is gone, as are the Albums tab and the For You tab. Don’t worry, everything is still there, it’s just all been rearranged.
This article includes images of the old app, the new app, and where all the commands have been moved. If you want to learn more about how Google Photos has changed this week, We will be live on YouTube this Sunday at 2 p.m, Eastern explaining the redesign of Google Photos.

Staying Connected on the Road – anything new?

Yes, and no. 5G is coming but it’s not here yet. Starlink is covering the globe with Internet from Satellites but don’t plan on using it for at least a year. The cellular carriers have some great unlimited data plans that have been discontinued, but Visible is still a good option.
If you want to know what the best data plan is today, and you want to be able to take advantage of improvements tomorrow, you want to listen to Chris Dunphy and Cherie VeArd of They were our guests on Episode 193 of our YouTube show. You can watch the YouTube video here, and notice that we’ve marked the chapters so you can quickly jump to where they discuss the
different topics: Starlink, Unlimited Data Plans, Streaming options, 5G, and more.

Google Photos can stabilize videos


All you have to do is open the video, tap the edit button and then the stabilize icon (it looks like a skewed rectangle within a square) and Google Photos does all the rest. You must be using Google Photos on an Android device to have this feature.

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Staying Connected on the Road – anything new?

The only way to stay connected when we started RVing was with a $6,000 Satellite dish on the roof.

Yes, and no. 5G is coming but it’s not here yet. Starlink is covering the globe with Internet from Satellites but don’t plan on using it for at least a year. The cellular carriers have some great unlimited data plans, but they’ve been discontinued.

Wi-Fi, Cellular, Satellite, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, 5G, Starlink, dozens of data plans, antennas, boosters, routers, hotspots – how do you keep up with it all? The only way is to make it your fulltime job, and that’s exactly what Chris Dunphy and Cherie VeArd of have done. They were our guests on Episode 193 of our YouTube show and gave us an update. Here is a link to the YouTube video of that show.

  • 11:15 Chris and Cherie from introduce themselves
  • 22:02 Starlink satellite Internet discussion
  • 28:06 Unlimited Cell Plan discussion
  • 34:00 Demo of where to find info on their website
  • 41:14 Streaming options
  • 44:44 5G Discussion

Google Photos Workflow: a hands-on workshop with Chris Guld, product expert

Friday July 17, 2020 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

You’ve taken lots of photos on your smartphone, now what? This workshop is for people already using the Google Photos app on their phone. You will learn the step by step procedures to store, organize, save and share your photos and videos. Class size is limited to 6 for personalized attention. Class materials will include tutorial videos and a form for asking questions for 2 weeks after the class.

  • What’s special about Google Photos
  • Understanding the cloud
  • Separating the best from the rest
  • Using the powerful search feature
  • Downloading to your computer
  • Making Photo books

The workshop will be held online in a Zoom meeting. Each participant needs a computer with a camera, a microphone, and a good Internet connection. Bring your phone to class and be prepared to take photos.

Event date is past

Tue, 04 Aug 2020 16:57:23 +0000 last time: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 13:00:00 -0400