Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Is there a blog program that you can use voice from smartphone to add information?

  2. After (making a movie) with Picasa’s ap, how can I burn a DVD with that? I tried taking the (movie) to their making a CD but it won’t play.

  3. We were at the Escapees Escapade, and you taught me to set up a blog. However, none of our friends, including some who are usually very computer wise, cannot post a comment. I tried from my husband’s computer and I was also not able to. However, I was able to post from MY own computer. I checked under options, and the “allow readers to post comments” was clicked on. Please advise as to how readers can post comments on my blog. Thanks

  4. I have been on Picasa for quite a few years now and made a lot of errors and mistakes til I got used to it (no pc boffin either sadly) However my problem is that I seem to have duplicates of photos and photos out of sync and in folders where they oughtn’t to be. Is there a way to start over? I do realise that my photos are actually safe on my pc in the order they should be but I just don’t dare delete anything or move things about.I need a clean slate.Please help and thankyou.

  5. I obviously have gotten myself way out of date. Wife and I both have “dumb” phones plus a mifi. All are on a month to month contract with Verizon. What is the rest of the world using these days? We are full-timers and use our laptop (HP Pavilion with Windows Vista OS) a lot. Tried to update on Verizon website but was completely baffled by the offerings of “Pads”. Is mifi out of date? What are these “data plans”? Where can I get some objective information/answers to my questions?

  6. Hi Chris – Picasa problem – when I upload photos from my camera or smartphone (Galaxy S4) to Picasa they seem to end up all over the place. Sometimes they are in existing folders other times they end up randomly as a group. For instance I wanted to download some pics taken on vacation last week. I thought the way to go was to let Picasa upload so I hooked up by USB, pressed upload and they ended up in a folder called 2013 (year). How can I upload to where I want them to end up?

  7. How can I burn a CD with a list of music that I created in my Spotify app?

  8. I still hope to be able to sort my albums by groups or even just alphabetically. Is this possible? How?

  9. I am a new member. I have downloaded Audacity and completed a music mix. However, I now need to get the lame_enc.dll fill so that I can export the mix as an MP3. Can you give me the specific site and exact download. Do I get one file or is it a complete program. I found the lame site confusing.

  10. 2 things
    1 how do I change my profile and more importan,

    2.. picasa is on my HP and on my new I max. I put in 2 cds of photos in the I made in the early 2000’s on my HP—– a couple of days ago, I hoped that I could the photos on my I max so I could move 20 on my granddaughter to my Jump Stick for her birthday— here is what happeded: all the photos are lissted individually, 4,0000+(like this a photos of me in 2003, next photo is listed just below, etc with heandings such as: ZgVef30 + follwed by about 20 letteres and numbers).) of then not in a group as picasa does on my HP==help me to figure out what is going on, please–shall I dump all the photos in picasa on the I max and do something differently?

    alan dyson

  11. Have an iPad, looking for a GPS system to navigate by. Is there a critter that u can use the gps numbers to travel by? Make since?

  12. Have you done any comparisons of tablets, and do you have any recomendations? How about the Surface 2 & ipad?

  13. We took a trip last August through October. All the pictures are on Picasa. Can you recommend a method to note our memories of that trip and locations we camped,etc.

  14. I’m a new member using a Mac and iPad.
    When I try to go to I get a message saying “The website you are visiting appears to contain malware and may damage your computer”It suggests going to Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page. I did and that page says the site is suspicious and may harm your computer. Kinda scary!
    What next?????

    • So sorry Robert. Yes, the site was hacked after I switched webhosts/developers (I shouldn’t have done that!) It has been cleaned up, but it takes a while to get back in Google’s good graces. It seems to be working fine now if you use the Internet Explorer browser.

  15. I can not get my Learning Library disk to show a picture when I have your tutorial video on. I can hear you talk but no picture. What can I do to fix. (media player) on laptop

  16. Hello again,

    I changed some defaults on my Default Programs and I now get a listing of folders on D:\ but I still get the same message if I double click on any of the folders- D:\ Server execution failed. I can read the .txt file but all other clicks get same message as above?? Thanks for any help in using this new Learning Library on Disk.

    Thanks, Elizabeth

  17. I have a problem with the new Learning Library on Disk. I went to the ‘Help’ site, but my problem is that I just get a message ‘Server execution failed’ when I double click on anything on the disc.????

    I’m using Chrome as my default browser and the CD contents do not show up as the ‘Help’ site shows.

    Simple answer? Thanks, Elizabeth

  18. None of the videos play on my iPad. What could be the problem? Everything works fine on my PC.

    • The problem is that iPad does not support Flash. The ‘alternate link’ below the video should work on the iPad. Let us know.

    • We don’t do anything specifically on Mac OS. Not yet anyway. We are Windows and Web folks. If it’s on the Web it doesn’t matter what operating system.

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