Using Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones!  Everyone is getting them, but do they know what they have?  These are computers that also happen to make phone calls.  There is a lot to know about how to use them – and that’s not even counting all the Apps!  We have Samsung Galaxy phones, an iPhone 7+, and a Pixel XL “Google” phone. We also have an iPad Mini, and a couple of Android tablets.  You will see all of these devices in these videos.  Your device will be somewhat different. Our materials will teach you concepts, you may have to explore your device. Any specific questions, please ask in the Forum.

Every week we give a Beginner’s Lesson on “What Does This Button Do?”

Smartphones and Tablets

Videos that Cover both Android and Apple

iPad/iPhone Specific Videos

Android Specific Videos

Additional Information on Smartphones and Tablets is also available in: Free Technology Articles and the Q & A Forum.

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