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Tip110. How to learn Smartphone Basics

Smartphones are computers that fit in your pocket. There is a LOT to learn. We have come up with a checklist of Smartphone Skills that we think are important and we try to have learning materials available for each one. Click on the checklist at right to download it, and print it out. For each item that you already know, check it off. For the rest, start learning by visiting the numbered item: Tipxxx, sxxx, or vxxx.

  • Tips: On the checklist, when you see “Tipxxx” that means there is one of these “Top Tips” on that subject. The top tips are the best because they include links to “Learn More.” Most Top Tips are for members only.
  • Shows: If, on the checklist you see Sxxx, that means we have a “Show” on that topic. You find all of our Shows under the YouTube Shows menu – What Does This Button Do.
  • Videos: If, on the checklist you see Vxxx, that means we have a tutorial video on the topic. All numbered videos are found under the All Videos menu.

If you are a lifelong learner, we highly encourage you to make a habit of watching our Sunday show. It’s like taking a technology class every other week. To get up to speed with your smartphone, you may want to start by watching these episodes:


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