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Tip099: What can Google Photos do for you?

What can Google Photos do for you?

  1. It can copy the photos taken with your phone up to the cloud and keep them safe
  2. Once they’re in the cloud you can view them with any connected device: Phone, Tablet, Computer, Apple or Android, Windows or Mac.
  3. If you also upload photos from your computer and any other place where they’re stored, Google can be One Home for your Lifetime of Photos and Videos
  4. You can share photos/videos easily with a link to anyone.
  5. You can make your photos and videos look much better with easy editing tools
  6. You can make albums
  7. You can make highlight videos
  8. You can make photo books and canvas prints

How much does it cost?

The account is free, the phone apps are free, and you get 15GB of Free storage for your photos and videos. If you need more than the 15 GB, the next step is $20/year for 100GB. That 100GB “Google One” plan is shareable with 5 others.

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