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Tip078: How to make a LinkedIn QR Code for connecting with new people

When you meet new people, what is the best way to stay connected? Business cards are not the best way, they get lost, and you run out. You can wirelessly share contact info, but having them in your contacts doesn’t really establish a connection. We’ve discovered the quickest and easiest way to establish a connection is using a QR code from LinkedIn. It’s easy as 1-2-3:

You need the LinkedIn app on your phone, and you must have an account at LinkedIn. If you do, it is just SO easy. Open the app and make sure you’re signed in, then just tap the search bar and the little icon for QR code appears at the right. That displays a QR code that someone can scan and get to your LinkedIn profile – they will see your public profile even if they do not use LinkedIn. If that person does have a LinkedIn account, they will see a button to Connect.


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