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573.OT-How to Use the Show Notes from the Button Show

Premium Members benefits include extensive Show Notes of every “What Does This Button Do?” episode.

This tip shows you how to use the show notes to find answers to your questions about your Smartphone.
We teach about useful and fun apps like Google Photos and Maps.
Easily find just the information you’re looking for.
The Show Notes are downloadable and printable, too.

Chris Guld is a Google Photos Product Expert and has been teaching technology since 1983.

Geeks On Tour record a regular live YouTube class called “What Does This Button Do?” It’s an educational show about technology with an emphasis on photos and travel-related apps.

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541.SM-iPhone:Portrait Photos

Tutorial video number 541 by Geeks On Tour. This is a quick demo on how to take a Portrait style photo using an iPhone. Note, your phone must be a “Plus” model or an iPhone X
Portrait style means that the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus. The same effect that is produced by a DSLR camera using depth of field settings.

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