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Roadtripper App Gives You Great Travel Ideas

We’re currently in a nice County RV park in Topeka, Kansas. I’ve never been in Topeka before and have no idea what there is to see and do here. So, I open up Roadtripper on my smartphone and set it to show me any Attractions, History, or Nature places.

2014-06-25 12.48.50

Now I look at the map around my location and see several icons representing those places.

2014-06-25 13.01.40

If you tap on one of the icons, you will see the detail of the place show up at the bottom of the screen, or, you can choose the list view rather than map view by tapping on the horizontal lines icon at the bottom. Then you’ll see something like this:

2014-06-25 13.21.14

Wow! Who knew there were so many interesting things to see and do in Topeka Kansas! Tap on any one of these and you can read all about it. You can also tap on ‘Directions’ and Roadtripper will take you to Google Maps, or whatever other navigation app you have installed, and start turn by turn navigation to that destination.

The Roadtripper App is a companion to the Roadtripper website, where you can plan trips, including saving any of the attractions where you want to stop. Anything you plan on the website will be synchronized to your phone or tablet based on how you log in. You can even make your trip public, or share it with friends, so other people can benefit from your plan. And you can benefit from theirs. Roadtrippers includes lots of suggestions for trips you can take. Take advantage of their Guides, or read about trips in their Blog. There’s even specifc “GoRVing” guides. Check out their Youtube channel for even more ideas.

Truckhenge? Really, Truckhenge? We might just have to get in the car and check that out here in Topeka.

App Name: Roadtripper
Author: Roadtrippers LLC
Price: Free
Available for: iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablets