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045.PI-How Picasa Handles Edits

It’s called Non-Destructive.  Unlike other programs that tell you to make a copy before you start editing, Picasa handles your edits without destroying your original.  As long as you use Picasa for all picture-related tasks, you don’t even need to save.  If you do need to see your edited picture in some other program outside of Picasa, they you do need to save (or export) your changes.  This video explains.

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139.PI-Ways to Save

As long as you use Picasa, you don’t need to Save. Picasa remembers all the edits you made. In Picasa what you see is what you get. But, the picture on disk, in My Pictures, is the original photo – unchanged. If you use any other program to view the photo, you will see the original unchanged picture. So, before using it in any other program you do need to save.  This video will show you several different ways to save along with the pros and cons of each
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