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Track your data usage

So many people ask us, “Why am I using so much data on my phone?”
The built in data usage tools just don’t give me enough detailed information.  I looked for an app and found My Data Manager.
I wanted to know exactly how much data was used by watching a 45 minute YouTube video. I turned on my data manager,  watched the video,  and got my answer:
I really liked the real-time data this app provides, but you may like the historical data, or the fact that you can set up alerts for when you are about to hit the limits of your data plan. There’s even a new feature that will track usage of everyone on a shared plan. In any case, it’s a handy little app to answer that question, Why am I using so much data?
  • App: My Data Manager
  • Author: Mobidia Technology
  • Cost: $0
  • Platform: Apple iOS and Android
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