Aug 022016
Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad!

Travel Planning: The Missing App is RVNotepad! A guest post by Pamela Johnson, the developer of RVNotepad. I asked Pam if she would contribute this article because RVNotepad looks like a great tool for travelers and who knows it better than she who designed it! Thanks Pam!  Planning your trip is both fun and frustrating.  I love [Click for the rest …]

Jul 062016
Furkot: A Funny Name for a Great Trip Planner

by Chris Guld There is no perfect Trip-Planning system, but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to look for one! Here’s a list of systems we have used: Streets & Trips (we even have a full set of tutorial videos on using this one) RoadTrippers – see article Roadtrippers for Trip Planning RVTripWizard – [Click for the rest …]

Sep 032015
Mapping and Sharing Your Travels with Google My Maps

At the recent FMCA Convention in Madison Wisconsin, we taught a seminar on Google’s My Maps. After the seminar we had a great conversation about making maps with Bob Weithofer who attended the seminar. He ended up sending me a link to a map he made just for his family along with an email that [Click for the rest …]

Nov 112011
00.Rand McNally TripMaker RVND GPS for RVs *Free*

In this third, and final, article about the Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 7710 GPS for RVs I’m going to talk about Route-Planning.  The other two articles were: What’s Up Ahead Multi-Stop Trips Some of the comments to the previous articles specifically asked about routing.  We want to know that the GPS is not routing us [Click for the rest …]

Jun 272010
Microsoft Streets and Trips: Printed Directions

We use Streets and Trips on our laptop computer with GPS to navigate while we’re driving, but I know some people that don’t want to do that.  They want to plan their trip, then print out directions to use while on the road.  When we produced our recent series of Tutorial Videos for Streets and [Click for the rest …]

Trip Planning with Streets and Trips

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May 152010
Trip Planning with Streets and Trips

by Chris Guld, Tags: Microsoft Streets and Trips,trip planning,gas cost calculator In today’s GPS-connected world, travelers have many choices for navigation devices.  Garmin, Tom-Tom, Magellan, and Copilot are just a few of the brand names for the dashboard devices that will guide you down the road.  Even our cell phone (Droid) has wonderful [Click for the rest …]

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