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Get an Accurate Travel Diary with Google’s Location History

If you turn on Location Services and allow Google Maps to save location history, it records everywhere you go – as long as your phone is with you. It also records the times and photos you took along the way. On an Android phone, you access this stored data by opening the Google Maps app, tapping the 3-line menu in upper left and choosing Timeline. Then select a day from the dropdown lists, and you will see where you went and what you did that day!


Turning it Off

Now, I know that some of you are a little creeped out by this! First of all, you need to know that this is for your eyes only. No one else can see this information unless they can log into your Google Account. I can’t even figure out a way to share this screen with anyone when I want to – you just can’t. To get that picture above, I took a screenshot – it is just a static image.

If you still want to turn it off, just turn off location services for Google Maps.

  • Android: Open Google Maps App, 3-line menu in top left, Settings, Google Location Settings, Google Location History – turn off
  • iPhone: Open Google Maps App, 3-line menu in top left, Settings, Location History – turn off

You can also delete the existing location history that has already been recorded. See detailed instructions from Google Help.

Seeing Your Location History

There are slightly different techniques depending on what device you’re using:

On a Computer:

  • Go to Maps.google.com and make sure you’re logged in with your Google account
  • Click the 3-line menu in upper left
  • Click Your Timeline

On Android:

  • Open Google Maps App and make sure you’re logged in with your Google account
  • Tap the 3-line menu in upper left
  • Tap Your Timeline

On an iPhone/iPad – the Google Maps App doesn’t have Timeline yet on iOS

  • Open a Browser, preferable Chrome, but Safari also works
  • Go to Maps.google.com/locationhistory

I find this very handy to remember locations and routes. And, I love it for having a picture of maps with my route for putting in my Blog! For lots more info on what your smartphone can do with location information, see Episode 82 of What Does This Button Do? Location Services

What about you? Love it? Hate it? Found any practical use for it? Leave a comment.

Test your Smartphone Smarts #4

Here is the fourth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show.  These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where we start the discussion of review questions. Since we have produced 76 episodes so far, this “Test Your Smartphone Smarts” will be an ongoing series of posts here.

Click here to watch our answers
Episode #13: Taking Notes Show Notes

  • The Notes App on iPhones and iPads can synchronize with iCloud.com AND all other apple devices if what two things are true?
  • True or False, Evernote is available on Android, iOS, and any web browser.
Episode #14: Updates Show Notes

  • What are the Two types of Updates that must be done if you have a smartphone or tablet?
  • On Apple devices, where will you find the options to make App Updates automatic?
  • On Android devices, where do you go to update your Apps.
Episode #15: Geotagging Photos Show Notes

  • True or False, if you take a picture with a smartphone or tablet, it will Always be stamped (geotagged) with the location it was taken
  • On the iPad/iPhone, where are the settings to make sure your photos are indeed geotagged?
  • On Android devices, where are the settings to make sure your photos are geotagged.
Episode #16: Airplane Mode Show Notes

  • With Airplane mode on, what can you do to be able to get your new emails?
  • Name two reasons for Airplane mode rather than Powering off your device.

If you click the time link, you will be viewing the Youtube video for that episode. The link takes you directly to the end of the show where we discuss the review questions. You can always drag the video playhead to the beginning to watch more of that episode. And, if you are a premium member of Geeks On Tour, you have access to the show notes for each episode. You will find all show notes on the Weekly Show page. So, how did you do on the questions? Leave any comments below! See previous “Smartphone Smarts”

#15 Photo Locations. What Does This Button Do?

There are show notes below the video which document what was covered and include timeline links, so you can watch just what you want. If you are not a Geeks on Tour member, you can watch Episode 15 video on YouTube, but you won’t get the show notes. Become a member here. This episode covers:

  1. Geotagging Photos and viewing them in place on a map
  2. App of the Week: Waze
  3. Review Questions

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