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How to Post to the Geeks on Tour Forum

We provide the “Ask the Geeks” forum in order to deal with your questions about the topics we teach. In the forum questions and answers are kept together in a continuing thread. Anyone can browse the forums, only members can ask new questions.

To ask a question:

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    You must be logged in to the GeeksOnTour site (not a member? Join here)

  2. Click the menu option for Q&A Forum
  3. Pick a Category: e.g. Photos, Smartphones, Blogs, etc. Click the category heading.
  4. Click Add Topic (it’s at the right side near the top.) Note: you won’t see this link until you click on a category.
  5. Scroll down until you see empty boxes. Enter a Topic Name. Press Tab, or click the big empty box below Topic Name to enter your question.
  6. You can upload an image to your question by clicking the “Upload Attachments” link below the main message box.
  7. When your message is complete, scroll down until you see the button for “Submit Topic”

Here is a video showing how the forum works. It was recorded a while back so, things look a little different, but the forum still works the same.