473.BL-Adding photos from Google Photos

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Jul 102017

Geeks on Tour tutorial video #473.  If your photos are in Google Photos, using the same account as the Google account you use for Blogger, then it is a very simple matter to add any of those photos to your blog. This video shows you how to add your photos from Google Photos to your [Click for the rest …]

462.SM-Android: Taking Photospheres

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Mar 022017

A quick tip from GeeksOnTour.com about how to take a photosphere photo using a Google Phone and the Google camera, specifically a Nexus 6.

Dec 132016

#457 Tutorial Video from Geeks on Tour. Chris demonstrates using an iPhone. The Google Photos app can make your pictures look so much better, and it’s fun!

455.GP-Making Collages with Google Photos or Picasa (Free)

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Dec 132016

Tutorial video #455 from Geeks on Tour: Chris demonstrates how drop-dead easy it is to create collages using Google Photos on your phone or on the computer. If you want more options, she also demonstrates how you can download the picture to your computer and use Picasa.

456.GP-Edit Pictures on Computer

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Dec 132016

In this Tutorial Video, #456 from Geeks on Tour, Chris demonstrates accessing Google Photos using a web browser and then editing the photos with features including straighten, crop, color correct, increase detail, vignette, and more!

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