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2020 Camp Reboot! Smartphone Photography and Google Photos

“Camp Reboot” has come to mean the technology workshop alternative to “RVers Boot Camp” at the Escapees events. If your partner is registering for the RVers Boot Camp, but you would prefer to learn about technology, we are offering two sessions of a special pre-rally workshop at the 2020 Escapade in Rock Springs, WY.  Hands on with your smartphone or tablet, exploring the camera-related features.

Camp Reboot! Hands-On smartphone photography classSmartphone Photography and Google Photos

In your pocket you have one of the most sophisticated cameras ever developed, it can do things that Ansel Adams never even dreamed of! Just a tap on the HDR button produces results that took hours of preparation in Ansel’s day. Don’t know what HDR is? We’ll teach you! Want to show that masterpiece to friends and family around the world? It’s a simple click on the Share button.

I learned so much in this class! It was like I’d been driving a car for years and just learned about Reverse! I had no idea my phone could do these things.

For people with iPhones/iPads or Android phones and tablets – from beginners to advanced, everyone learns something in this class. If you’ve never taken a selfie, or figured out how turn your flash on or off – not to worry, that’s where we’ll start. The class is hands on. You need to bring your phone or tablet as we will have you exploring and experimenting with all its camera-related features. Like learning to swim by jumping into the deep end, you will have assignments and you will need to discover the way your device works to accomplish them. The workshop will be held over 2 mornings (iPhone) or 2 afternoons (Android) and you will have homework assignments in between!


Take your photos from so-so to stunningTake your smartphone photos from so-so to stunning. For users of Google Photos, we start with basic crop and filters. Then we add the free editing app “Snapseed” and turn your photos into masterpieces. You’ll work with your own phone/tablet and your own photos as well as some sample photos from the geeks.

Google Photos provides unlimited cloud storage for your lifetime of photos all for free. Automatically backup all your pictures for safekeeping by using the free Google Photos app. Never worry about losing your phone again. We will also explore the photo editing capabilities of Google Photos and learn about sharing photos by making a shared album for the class.

The camera in your phone also does more than take photographs – it can file receipts and save them for Tax day, it can scan QR codes, and deposit checks.

This is a 6 hour workshop, limited to 16 participants. Bring your iPhone/iPad or your Android phone or tablet fully charged, and also bring your charger because 3 hours of constant use can drain the battery quickly.

This is a 6 hour workshop, limited to 16 participants. Pre-registration is required including a fee of $59.

Please register through the Escapees headquarters via telephone with Registration @ 936-327-8873 See Escapade info here.
iPhone & iPad Classes: Friday, June 19 & Saturday, June 20
9:00 AM -12:00 Noon
Android phone & Tablet Classes: Friday, June 19 & Saturday, June 20
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

September 2019 Newsletter: Share your location, Google Keep and Geeks on YouTube

How to share your Live Location using Google Maps

Using either iPhone or Android device , it’s easy to share your live location with someone for a few hours, or indefinitely. It’s great for letting friends know when you’ll arrive. No need to call, they can see when you’re getting close and roll out the welcome mat! This is especially useful if you have a lot of guests, or run a B&B – no need to wait around for hours, tell your guests to watch this video and share their location with you for a few hours.

YouTube Milestone: Geeks on Tour Channel surpasses 5,000 subscribers

10 years ago we uploaded our first tutorial video to YouTube. (Geotagging Photos with Picasa 3.5.) Before that, we were using Techsmith’s Screencast.com. Now we’ve uploaded over 400 videos to YouTube and just surpassed 5,000 subscribers.When you upload videos to your channel on YouTube, you are considered a “creator” and YouTube gives certain perks to creators as they get more popular. We don’t get any perks for 5,000 – we’re still tiny in the YouTube universe, but it feels like we’re on our way!If you’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube and you would like to know how – here’s a video for you: 568. YouTube – upload video from computer or Google Photos

Take a note using Keep on your smartphone

I love to write things down. If I don’t write it down, it’s bound to be forgotten. What do you use when you need to write it down? Post it notes? A spiral notebook? The back of a business card? A napkin?
That’s the problem isn’t it? When you use whatever is handy, good luck ever finding that note again. How about using my phone for notes, it’s always handy. But what app to use? I’ve tried a bunch of them, Evernote, Samsung notes, Apple notes, and even sending emails to myself, but I haven’t been able to stick to just one. This leaves me back with the same problem of not being able to find them. Enter Google Keep

Instant Notes

Put your Keep icon on your main home page, then you can longpress that icon and see the options to take a quick note:

  • writing text
  • taking a photo
  • automatic checkbox list
  • record an audio

It just couldn’t be easier to take a note on your phone.

Color Coding

When you’ve created a note, you can change its color. Either at the bottom of the note, or by tapping the 3-dot menu at the bottom, depending on the device you’re using, you’ll see dots of color. Just tap the color you want. I like using yellow to indicate that a note is something important, probably something I need to do. Green means personal notes and ideas. Orange is my color for business ideas and notes. Purple is my color for temporary notes – something I needed to jot down today but I don’t really need to keep it. You can come up with whatever works for you.

This makes it so easy to scroll thru your notes and find the appropriate note. If you want to see all your business notes, just tap the search box at top and scroll down to see the colors. Tap on Orange and it filters all your notes. You will only see the orange ones. I find this so handy.

As with most any Google product, you can also search for specific words, and it will find notes with those words anywhere in the note.


This is my favorite feature of Keep. Each paragraph gets a checkbox. When you check it the item gets crossed off and moved down to a completed items section. You can easily re-prioritize items by simply dragging them up or down in the list. As I wrote in this previous article, I think Google Keep is the perfect ToDo list.

Unlimited Notes for Free on any device

The Keep app is available for both Android and iOS. Your notes are in the cloud so you can see them anytime at Keep.Google.com using a web browser on any connected computer. Your notes are completely private to your Google Account, yet it is extremely easy to share a note with someone. For example, you may have a shopping list shared between you and your spouse. When you add an item, they’ll see it and when they add an item you will see it.

Google Keep is completely free, you won’t even see any ads when using it. Storage of your notes does not count against your Google account (Drive) storage allotment which means it is essentially unlimited.

Learn more by watching Episode 173 of What Does this Button Do?

Do you use Google Keep? Do you use any other software for keeping your notes? Let us know in the comments below.

174. Making movies on your smartphone with FilmoraGO

Episode 174 was live on YouTube Sunday 8/25 at 2pm Eastern
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  1. Tip of the Day: LongPress for App shortcuts
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