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#133. Facebook Privacy What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Tip of the Day: Multiple users on Android devices
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Facebook privacy, what you need to know
  3. App: Files Go by Google

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Test your Smartphone Smarts #10

Here is the tenth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show. These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where we start the discussion of review questions. Since we have produced 97 episodes so far, this “Test Your Smartphone Smarts” will be an ongoing series of posts here.

Click here to watch our answers
Episode #38: Mobile Device Choices #38 Show Notes

  • Your choice in operating systems is:
    1. _____________ 2. _____________?
  • T/F: All mobile devices include GPS capability
  • T/F: To receive phone calls from anyone, you must have a smartphone, not a tablet.
Episode #39: Sharing Pictures with Facebook #39 Show Notes

  • Once you pick a picture and share it, you have options to make it visible to Public, or Friends, or ____________, or ____________.
  • To share a picture on a business’ Facebook page, you need to start where?
Episode #41: Google Hangouts  #41 Show Notes

  • Hangouts is an App that will do 3 types of communication: 1 ________ 2 _______ 3 _____
  • T/F: An old smartphone (without cell service) or a tablet can use Wi-Fi and Google Hangouts Dialer to call any phone.
Episode #42: Getting Started with Google Photos
#42 Show Notes

  • Google Photos ______________ will put together automatic movies, animations and more fun creations!
  • T/F: If you previously uploaded pictures to Picasa Web Albums, or Google Plus photos, you will see those using Google Photos.

If you click the time link, you will be viewing the Youtube video for that episode. The link takes you directly to the end of the show where we discuss the review questions. You can always drag the video playhead to the beginning to watch more of that episode. And, if you are a premium member of Geeks On Tour, you have access to the show notes for each episode. You will find all show notes on the Weekly Show page. So, how did you do on the questions? Leave any comments below! See previous “Smartphone Smarts”

Facebook Live Streaming

Have you tried Facebook’s new Live Streaming feature yet? It is so incredibly easy! Instead of just posting a photo of your vacation day, you just use your phone’s Facebook app and tap the button that means “Live Streaming.” Instantly, you’re able to talk to your friends and they’ll see the beautiful mountain behind you and the stream running by your feet. This only works on a phone – not a computer. Then, you just start a post like normal, but then tap the option for Live Video. You’ll need to give the video a name, then tap “Go Live.”



As soon as you end the LIVE streaming portion, the video is saved in place on your Timeline. Here is one we did on our Geeks On Tour facebook page that shows a Virtual Reality event we attended.


And, here’s one on our personal timeline that shows us on our kayaks, out in the ocean – about to go scuba diving.

Facebook Newsfeed: Most Recent vs. Top Stories

Did you know that you’re not seeing everything you’ve asked for in Facebook? And, you are seeing some promotional posts that you didn’t ask for. You can get inundated if you saw everything, so Facebook watches what you click on and what you “like.” From that information they decide what are the Top Stories for you. It’s a good thing really, but sometimes you want to have control. There are several ways you can specify what you want to see:

  1. OK … Top Stories: This is the default. If you are looking at your Home Newsfeed, you are seeing Top Stories. Facebook figures out what news it thinks is important to you, including friends and liked company and group pages. With Top Stories view you also see a lot of sponsored posts … Ads. 
  2. Better? … Most Recent: To set your feed to Most Recent on a computer, just click imageon the dropdown arrow next to “NewsFeed” in the left sidebar. On a smartphone Facebook App you need to use the 3-line menu and find the option for “Feeds” then tap on Most Recent.  If you set your NewsFeed to show you Most Recent, then Facebook does not apply the Top Stories filter. It just gets all your friends’ posts and your liked pages and shows them all to you in strict chronological order.  Many people tell me how much they prefer this view. Personally, I think it is too much. I think filtering some of it out is a good thing. You also still get ads in this view.
  3. Best! … Close Friends: For every friend you have the option to categorize them imageas “Close Friend.” Then you can view your newsfeed for only Close Friends. This limits your view to only posts by Close Friends – no Ads!!. But, also no posts from groups or pages – just Friends.
    To add friends to your Close Friends list on a computer, you can go to their Timeline, click on the Friends button and click Close Friends.
    On a phone you go to their Timeline, tap on Friends, tap Edit Friend List and then Close Friends.

Reverting to Top Stories

No matter what type of Newsfeed you specify, realize that Top Stories is the default, and it will always return to that view. It is worthwhile then, to teach Facebook what is important to you. There are two main ways to do this:

  1. Mark the friends whose posts you want to “See First” by visiting their Timelines and clicking the box labeled “Following” and select See First.
  2. Unfollow friends whose posts you don’t want to see. Since this does not Unfriend them, you can visit their Timeline manually to see their posts when you want, or re-follow them when the political season is over!
  3. Mark posts that you don’t want to see. In the upper right corner of every post is a drop-down arrow with your options:

The more you mark the people and things you Do and Don’t want to see, the better your “Top Stories” feed will be.

To learn more about Facebook, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, and more … See our What Does This Button Do? Episode #78: Social Media with Abby Stokes.
And, while you’re at it, be sure to mark your friend list as visible to only you so they can’t be copied and spammed. Here’s a tutorial video for members: 398. Facebook – Keeping Friends Private

#57 Text Messages. What Does This Button Do?


There are show notes below which document what was covered in the show and include timeline links, so you can watch just the part of the video that you want. If you are not a Geeks on Tour member, you can watch Episode 57 video on YouTube, but you won’t get the show notes. Become a member here. This episode covers:

  1. Tip o Week: Do Not Disturb
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Text messaging
  3. App of the Week: Duo Lingo

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