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Don’t Fall for Timeline Removal Scams

timelineby Jim Guld

Timeline is one of the latest changes in the ever-evolving world of Facebook. It is a new way to view your profile. It is different.

Every time change happens, a vocal segment of users wail and gnash their teeth, complaining that now they will be inconvenienced and their privacy will be compromised.

Whenever Facebook makes a change, scammers will try to capitalize on those resisting the changes, wanting to retain the "old way."

There are a couple "Timeline-removing" spam scams making the rounds on Facebook. They are targeting users who dislike the recently introduced feature and are looking for a way to go back to the old look. Users who take the bait are encouraged to install a browser plug-in that supposedly removes Facebook Timeline. Security experts are still unsure what the plug-in does, but advise against installing it.

Another application is called "Facebook Timeline Remover." This one does not install anything, Users are invited to complete a collection of surveys for suspicious marketing affiliates. Phishing. I always check Snopes.com for info on potential scams. They say it’s not as dangerous as the fear mongers might have you think, but it is still ill-advised to click on any link promising to get rid of Timeline. http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/timeline.asp.

A Facebook spokesperson said, "Security is a top priority for Facebook, and we devote significant resources to helping people protect their accounts and information. We’ve built numerous defenses to combat phishing and malware, including complex automated systems that work behind the scenes … Security is an arms race, and our teams are always working to identify the next threat and build defenses for it."

Even if you could find a legitimate plugin that alters the look of your Facebook profile, you have just added another layer of complexity to your computer. Next time you have a problem with your Facebook profile, you won’t know if it’s Faceboook – or the plugin. Just don’t do it! Rather than fighting the change, we recommend taking some time to learn more about Timeline and Facebook in general. Here is Facebook’s Help page on Timeline. And, here’s is Geeks on Tour’s learning library page for Facebook – the first 3 videos are free for anyone, the rest require a paid membership.