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2021 Camp Reboot! Smartphone Photography

“Camp Reboot” has come to mean the technology workshop alternative to “RVers Boot Camp” at the Escapees events. If your partner is registering for the RVers Boot Camp, but you would prefer to learn about technology, we are offering two sessions of a special pre-rally workshop at the 2021 Escapade in Rock Springs, WY.  Hands on with your smartphone or tablet, exploring the camera-related features.

“Take a good shot and make it better”

In your pocket you have one of the most sophisticated cameras ever developed, it can do things that Ansel Adams never even dreamed of! Just a tap on the HDR button produces results that took hours of preparation in Ansel’s day. Don’t know what HDR is? We’ll teach you! Want to show that masterpiece to friends and family around the world? It’s a simple click on the Share button.

I learned so much in this class! It was like I’d been driving a car for years and just learned about Reverse! I had no idea my phone could do these things.

For people with iPhones or Android phones – from beginners to advanced, everyone learns something in this class. If you’ve never taken a selfie, or figured out how turn your flash on or off – not to worry, that’s where we’ll start. The class is hands on. You need to bring your phone as we will have you exploring and experimenting with all its camera-related features. Like learning to swim by jumping into the deep end, you will have assignments and you will need to discover the way your device works to accomplish them. The workshop will be held over 2 mornings (iPhone) or 2 afternoons (Android) and you will have homework assignments in between!


Take your photos from so-so to stunningTake your smartphone photos from so-so to stunning. For users of Google Photos, we start with basic crop and filters. Then we add the free editing app “Snapseed” and turn your photos into masterpieces. You’ll work with your own phone and your own photos as well as some sample photos from the geeks.

Automatically backup all your pictures for safekeeping by using the Google Photos app. Never worry about losing your phone again. We will also explore the photo editing capabilities of Google Photos and learn about sharing photos by making a shared album for the class.

The camera in your phone also does more than take photographs – it can file receipts and save them for Tax day, it can scan QR codes, and deposit checks.

This is a 6 hour workshop, limited to 16 participants. Bring your iPhone or your Android phone, and also bring your charger because 3 hours of constant use can drain the battery quickly.

This is a 6 hour workshop, limited to 16 participants. Pre-registration is required including a fee of $59.

Please register through the Escapees headquarters via telephone with Registration @ 936-327-8873 See Escapade info here.
iPhone Classes: Friday, July 16 & Saturday, July 17
9:00 AM -12:00 Noon
Android Classes: Friday, July 16 & Saturday, July 17
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Escapade Rally: Geeks on Tour Seminars

We are in Tucson, Arizona this week for the Escapees Annual RV Rally


Here are the seminars we will be presenting. Hope to see a lot of you there! All our seminars are located in Thurber Hall, Room 1.

If you can’t be there and you’d like the seminar handout, they are all available on our Seminar Handouts folder in Dropbox.

Technology for Travelers

Monday at 11:30 a.m.

to – 12:30 p.m.

An overview of all the technology available to help Plan, Preserve, and Share your RV Travels will be discussed. Internet connections, Navigation, Blogs, Maps, Pictures, Smartphones, Must have Apps
Smartphones and Tablets
for Travelers

Monday at 3 – 4 p.m.

Your smartphone and/or tablet may be the only computer you need as you travel. We will compare and contrast iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows 8. We’ll explain how they work, what they cost and what you can do with them.
Photo Story 3 and Movie Maker

Tuesday at 10 – 11 a.m.

Learn how to make your own movies with Movie Maker, a FREE Windows program from Microsoft. Use your still pictures and video clips. Add narration and music. During the seminar, we’ll show you how to create a movie step by step. We’ll use the free Photo Story 3 program to incorporate a slideshow into the movie
Every RVer Needs a Blog!

Tuesday at 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Join the fascinating and rewarding world of Blogging!

We’ll show you step by step how to create your own weblog using Blogger.com. Share your travels with family and friends.

It’s FREE and oh, so easy.

Google Maps

Wednesday at 10 -11 a.m.

You’ve probably been to the Google Maps website to search for a destination. But did you know that you can plan a multistop route and print out the directions and create and save custom maps? You can even include your photos, links, and descriptions. Let the Geeks show you how!
Cloud Computing

Wednesday at 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Your computer is in your lap, but your pictures and files are in the Cloud. How does that work? What is the Cloud?

We’ll demonstrate three of the most popular cloud services. Learn about Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Plus Photos.

Escapee’s Rally–The Escapade

Another great rally!  We went back to Gillette, WY for this one.  And here’s the schedule of seminars we gave:


The Windows 8 seminar was a first for us, and the Movie Maker seminar is one we’ve only given once and the computer didn’t work so well.  This time we used a different computer for the Movie Maker and we made sure to practice the Windows 8 seminar – so they both went well.  If you attended a seminar when we ran out of handouts, or you weren’t able to attend, all of our seminar handouts can be downloaded from our website. 

We LOVE doing this!  So many people came up to us to say thank you!  Some said they felt SO smart now because they learned so much from our seminars.  Others told us they needed some down time because their brains were overflowing with all the information we presented.

The most popular class was the smartphone overview.  WoW.  The only picture I snapped was this panorama with my Droid phone.  I apparently didn’t hold the camera well cuz it’s a bit blurry, but you get the idea – it was a packed house!  Teaching smartphones is just sooo much fun, the main comment we hear as people leave is, “I had no idea they could do so much!”  We especially like showing Google Translate.  As long as you have your phone, and an internet connection, you will be able to speak the language of whatever country you’re visiting – or your phone will at least.  And, it’s free!  Just unbelievable. We also show a video clip from NBCNews that explains the amazing medical uses of smartphones.

Our Windows 8 seminar had a respectable turnout also:

And Jim got to show off his Windows 8 Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet/computer.  We met a couple other people at the rally who had the Surface Pro and they loved theirs just as much!

When we weren’t teaching a seminar we were at our booth in the exhibit hall.  It was great getting to see our friend Phil May, of TechnoRV – our booths were right next to each other so we took down the barriers to make a TechnoGeek booth!

The Verizon booth was nearby and I think I recognized most of the people buying phones because they attended our smartphone class – then had to buy one!  Too bad we don’t make any commission eh?  Just kidding, we don’t want any commission.  That’s why people trust our information so much – we don’t make anything from it.  Our sole source of income is from our members who learn from us.

It was a busy, busy week, but we still found time for some fun as well.  Here’s our parking space, and we were right next to Nick and Terry Russell of Gypsy Journal fame.  We spent a couple of evenings just swapping tales – it was nice to catch up with them, although my sides did hurt afterwards from laughing at Nick’s stories!

On Tuesday night, Jim was told his presence was requested at the evening entertainment.  ???? Uh-Oh, we were also told it involved him wearing a wig!  It was a hoot, here’s a little video that I put together using Movie Maker:

Thank You to Bob and Molly Pinner – the directors of the Escapade, and Cathie Carr – the President of Escapees.  We had a great time!