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September 2020 News: Learn Google Photos Book Launch

  September 2020 | Issue 157  | Archives
What’s Up with Jim and Chris – the Geeks?
Most of the month was devoted to finishing the Learn Google Photos book.
On August 7, we had a real treat when the Product Lead for Google Photos, David Lieb agreed to meet with our Geeks On Tour members group over Zoom. We heard his story and got to pummel him with questions about the development process of Google Photos. The meeting was recorded – for members only. We included some excerpts of our
conversation with David in our Book Launch Episode 198. Get the printable version (.pdf) of the show notes here: 198. Learn Google Photos 2020 Book Launch
Learn Google Photos 2020 – Episode 198 on YouTube
We launched the book during our 45 minute live YouTube show on August 30. Watch the show and we’ll tell you all about the book, give some specific tips about using the latest version of Google Photos, and let you meet David Lieb, the Product Lead for the Google Photos development team at Google. (spoiler alert – you’ll really like
But Learn Google Photos 2020 isn’t just a book! We also announced:
To buy the book
Geeks on Tour Premium members: the .pdf version of the book is included with membership. Download the book from GeeksOnTour.com/eBooks
What’s coming up – Our Calendar Sep/Oct 2020
Wednesday, September 2 Sarasota Computer Club remote seminar
Members Only
Sunday, Sept 6 2pm ET Backstage Pass Zoom: Topic will be how to use group albums with Google Photos. We’ll make an album with the group!
October 16-18 Roadtrek Rally in N. Florida. Seminars on Google Photos and Blogger
Live YouTube Shows Sunday at 2pm Eastern time. Most weeks. Check our Home Page at GeeksOnTour.com where we post a yellow note about our plans for the upcoming Sunday.
If we don’t do a live Button Show, we’ll do a Member Zoom at 2pm Eastern.
Live Zoom meetings for Premium Members after the live shows. Watch your email for announcements of scheduled shows, or check the message on our home page.
Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

Ask the Geeks Q&A forum.

Anyone can read the forum, only members can ask questions. This is a valuable benefit of membership. Join Today! Here are some recent discussions:

  1. Password Managers
  2. Printing on Chromebooks
  3. Ordering the new Learn Google Photos book
  4. Backup photos 
  5. Taking Photos Outside

Google Photos A Quick Tour 643

Google Photos Editing Tools

Chapter 7 in the book is Editing to improve your photos. You will learn how to take the picture at the top and make the one on the bottom. Don’t you like the bottom one better?
The key is to lighten the shadows on the shore without washing out the sunset.
I think editing is my favorite part of Google Photos, it’s so much fun to take a so-so photo and make it beautiful.

Where did everything go?

If you have been using Google Photos for a while, it may be disconcerting to open the new version and not see the same buttons and menus. This grid is part of a longer article that explains the new buttons and menus.
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Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos – an update

I first wrote Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos and published it in December of 2016. The second edition was published in July of 2018. I’ve been promising another new edition for a few months now because so much has changed.

I am working on it … honest! I am setting a launch date for May 1, 2020 for it to be available on Amazon, and we will be offering a special package just like we did in 2016. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, to see what all has changed, see this post at my LearnGooglePhotos.com blog. It’s all about the changes I’ve noticed during 2019.

Other resources from Geeks on Tour include a Facebook group: Learn Google Photos, and an online course, Google Photos: 12 Steps to Success.

Tell me what you need

If you have particular requests for what you want covered in the book, now is the time to ask! Just leave a comment here and I’ll see if I can work it into the book.