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Test Your Smartphone Smarts #6

Here is the sixth in our series of Review Questions from our “What Does This Button Do?” show. These can’t be graded, but if you want to see the discussion of our answers to these questions, you can click the link provided. The link will take you to the time in the specific episode where we start the discussion of review questions. Since we have produced 83 episodes so far, this “Test Your Smartphone Smarts” will be an ongoing series of posts here.

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Episode #21: Notifications Show Notes

  • To see details of notifications you drag what?
  • What are the two places you find settings to control notifications?
Episode #22: Contact’s Photos Show Notes

  • What are first 2 steps to get picture attached to a contact?
  • To get a photo you can take a picture of a person in front of you, you can select a picture from your gallery, or …. What is Chris’s special trick?
  • What if the only photo you have of the person also has 2 other people in the picture?
Episode #23: Ringtones Show Notes

  • What is the name of the System Setting that controls Alerts and Ringtones?
  • T/F: Each contact can have a unique ringtone for phone calls AND a unique tone for Text Messages.
Episode #24: Bluetooth Show Notes

  • Bluetooth is a wireless connection meant to go very short distances, for example to a keyboard, or what other devices?
  • When you first make the connection between your device and an accessory, the process is called what?

If you click the time link, you will be viewing the Youtube video for that episode. The link takes you directly to the end of the show where we discuss the review questions. You can always drag the video playhead to the beginning to watch more of that episode. And, if you are a premium member of Geeks On Tour, you have access to the show notes for each episode. You will find all show notes on the Weekly Show page. So, how did you do on the questions? Leave any comments below! See previous “Smartphone Smarts”

#24 Bluetooth. What Does This Button Do?

For the best viewing, be sure to click the FullScreen button image in the lower right corner.

There are show notes below which document what was covered in the show and include timeline links, so you can watch just the part of the video that you want. If you are not a Geeks on Tour member, you can watch Episode 24 video on Youtube, but you won’t get the show notes. Become a member here. This episode covers:

  1. New Toys: Quadcopter and Digital Photo Frameimage
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Bluetooth
  3. App o Week: UNTappd


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