473.BL-Adding photos from Google Photos

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Jul 102017

Geeks on Tour tutorial video #473.  If your photos are in Google Photos, using the same account as the Google account you use for Blogger, then it is a very simple matter to add any of those photos to your blog. This video shows you how to add your photos from Google Photos to your [Click for the rest …]

Viewing your Blogger Blog on a Phone

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Apr 012017
Viewing your Blogger Blog on a Phone

Viewing my Blog on a Computer Viewing my Blog on a Phone I use Blogger for my personal, travel blog. I’ve been using it since 2003,  long before smartphones came on the scene. In the screenshots above you can see how my Blog looks when viewed on a computer vs on a phone. This is [Click for the rest …]

Sep 102016
Adding Maps to your Blog Posts, using Screenshots

I really like the daily maps that Google makes of my whereabouts. It’s called my Timeline and it’s all done automatically as long as I have location services turned on. A few days ago, we took a cruise around Manhattan, and I think the timeline map will add a lot to my story. Don’t you [Click for the rest …]

Jul 242016

This week our beginner’s lesson explores the questions of when the right time is to get a new Smartphone. What are your choices? Why do you want/need a new device? If this page isn’t working for you: #89 Google Plus Event Page #89 on Youtube #89 on Blogger  

Jul 062016
Save your Blog! Get a Printable Copy

It’s important to understand a little bit about how the web works as it affects our personal websites and blogs. Although you see text, pictures, videos, and links all on the same page – behind the scenes, all the pieces can be ‘hosted’ on different servers. Everything on the web is ethereal, one pulled plug [Click for the rest …]

Add Video to your Blog

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Mar 102016
Add Video to your Blog

We’re writing this article to commemorate the 100th issue of our Geeks on Tour Newsletter! The first issue, back in July of 2007 included an article on Adding Video to your Blog. This article today is an updated version of that same topic. Blogger and Google Photos We use Blogger to make our Blog, and [Click for the rest …]

Blogger and Live Writer

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Jan 142016
Blogger and Live Writer

Geeks on Tour teaches that Every Traveler Needs a Blog! We teach how to use Google’s Blogger program to write your blog because we think it is by far the easiest, and most reliable system out there. We’ve been keeping our travel blog on Blogger since 2003 and we are still very happy with it. [Click for the rest …]

408.BL-Open Live Writer, Setting it Up

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Jan 142016

Open Live Writer is the successor to Microsoft’s popular Live Writer which no longer works with the Blogger.com platform. This video shows you where to download the free Open Live Writer software and how to set it up to publish to your Blogger blog.

Nov 052015
Can I use my Google Photos Pictures in my Blog?

If you’re like me, you are using the amazing capabilities of Google Photos as a home to your lifetime of photos. Also, if you’re like me, you have a blog and you want to add photos to your blog posts. I’ve been getting a lot of people lately asking the question, Can I use my [Click for the rest …]

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