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November 2013 Newsletter: Apps that Make Maps, Smartphones and Rotation, Best Tablet for Travelers

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Monthly Issue # 73 November 30, 2013                           www.geeksontour.com
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November – Sharpening the Saw

Geeks go Diving

November was a slow month for us – no Rallies or presentations at Computer Clubs were on our schedule, so we took the opportunity Sharpen the Saw.  We signed up for a world-class conference on Learning.  We heard what’s going on in the Learning Industry, what new tools are at our disposal and how to have fun while learning! 

Sharpening the Saw isn’t just about learning, it’s also about relaxing and re-energizing.  Since we were in Orlando, we took advantage of Disney World and had a great time at Epcot.  I’ve always loved the Spaceship Earth exhibit at Epcot, it’s such a great example of a Geodesic dome by one of my heroes, Buckminster Fuller, and the ride inside is all about the development of human communications from cave drawings to computers.  We were there during the International Wine and Food Festival as well, so we enjoyed Beef Bourguignon in France, Lamb Chops in Australia, and Mussels from New Zealand, and that’s not even counting our sit-down dinner and Belly-Dancing show in Morocco.  Not exactly the real world travel we love, but very fun nonetheless!

Geeks at a Learning Conference

Geeks who Teach

This time it was our turn to be on the receiving end of some education!  We attended Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013 and came away energized and inspired to be in such a dynamic and worthwhile industry.

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Q&A Forum

Some Geeks on Tour members tell us that the Q&A forum is worth the entire cost of membership!  Here are some of the topics that have been discussed this month:

  1. Using Picasa to Specify Print Output Dimensions
  2. Photos going into "My Pictures" AND "Pictures"?
  3. iPad vs Samsung 10.3 Tablet
  4. Getting Rid of Screen Lock Password on Android HTC One
  5. Picasa "Movie Maker" vs Microsoft "Movie Maker"
  6. Should I use a Facebook Page for a Family Reunion?
  7. New Google Maps and Travel Routes
  8. Sort Pictures by Creation Date or Last Accessed using Windows 8

Apps that Make Maps!

Map of Black HIlls DriveLast summer we spent some time in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We didn’t have time to do a lot of sightseeing, so when we did, we wanted to record it.  Using an App called My Tracks on my Android smartphone, I made this map simply by tapping on a button to Record when we started, and a tap on Stop Recording when we finished.  I like having this map to put into my blog for the detail it gives of our little trip. 

Mapping apps are even more useful for recording Kayak trips, or for tracking your exercise routines.

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How to Control the Auto-Rotate on your Phone or Tablet


Isn’t it cool that your phone or tablet automatically rotates the contents when you change the way you’re holding it to see a picture take up more of the screen?

Isn’t it annoying that your phone or tablet automatically rotates the contents when you lie down to read your book in bed?  Especially when you’re in that reclining position just between vertical and horizontal and your book keeps flipping back and forth!

This article will show you how to control the Auto-Rotate with your settings.

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RV Travel Newsletter by Chuck Woodbury

Current Issue


The Best Tablet for Travelers

ImageWe won’t even pretend to be able to compare all the different tablets available today.  We do have our opinions however!  And, a few specific features that we think are important to travelers.  This article briefly reviews the 4 categories of tablets, how to choose, and what to buy if you can’t choose!

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