Seminar: Smartphone Photography – take a good shot and make it better, and find it later!

You have one of the best cameras ever created right in your pocket. Smartphone cameras, if you know how to use them, take wonderful photos and videos. Then, with just a few more taps, using free apps like Google Photos and Snapseed, you can make them even better. After learning these techniques, people will say WOW when they see your photos.

Click the image at right to access and download the seminar handout for this class. Below you will find the slide presentation used for the seminar, as well as a playlist of relevant tutorial videos. link for Chris only

Below is a playlist of related tutorial videos – either about using the camera on your phone, or about editing pictures. Playlist on YouTube

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLxMFLNwWedPCD2PHhLTSDXG9KVQ1LWtx8″ ]

Here is the full playlist of videos related to using Snapseed. Playlist on YouTube.

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLxMFLNwWedPCI847yttG5cnH0cjc3P1l8″ ]