Seminar: Maps and Apps for RV Trip Planning

On this page, you’ll find the presentation, all the links, and some discussion about the seminar. Any questions or comments, please use the comments button at the bottom. To control the slideshow, use the buttons at the bottom left. Click the image at right to download the Seminar Handout.

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All videos referenced in the presentation are in this playlist, plus many more. Scroll thru the list. Some are short, single-topic tutorials 3-8 minutes long. Others are recordings of our “What Does This Button Do?” YouTube shows and they are closer to one hour in length.

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Links (and app)iExit app -like Next Exit History nearby
Daily Roads Voyager Webcam (Android only)State Lines: laws by state $5 iOSTorque app –Engine Diagnostic, Android
Alfred (free webcam)Tunity (listen to TV in bar)Where am I at?, includes county iOS Android park reviews including cell receptionGen’l Info:
Google Photos One home for ALL photos, searchable on phone
Coverage: Cell coverage maps for all carriers $2.99 – definitive resourceOpen Signal – crowd-sourced cell signal reports Night parking at homes $50/ $79/yr Night parking wineries/farmsPassport America $44/yr
half-price campgrounds