Seminar: Hodgepodge of Tech Tips

Jim and Chris of Geeks on Tour have been teaching technology since the early 80s. In the age of smartphones, they started a live YouTube show called “What Does This Button Do?” As of April 2021, they’ve recorded 210 episodes, chock full of tips and training on using smartphones and technology. Pulling from all that material, they have a collection of their favorite tips, from scanning QR codes, to quickly stop a phone’s ringing, to searching for the best gas price using Google Maps, navigating to a photo, identifying flowers with Google Lens, and many more.

We present the class using the slideshow below. If you keep scrolling down, you will see a YouTube playlist of related tutorial videos that you can watch. (Link for Chris to edit)


[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLxMFLNwWedPArhEfq8sDu92p11kHuY-tS” ]

Link to this playlist on YouTube.