Seminar: Editing photos with Snapseed for beginners

Take your photos from So-So to Stunning with Free snapseed app on your mobile devices.

Snapseed is only necessary when you want to improve your photo in a way that Google Photos can’t. If all you need is a basic crop, straighten, brighten etc. you can use the simple tools built in to Google Photos. Watch the video at

When we deliver classes to Computer Clubs or other groups via Zoom, we record the Zoom meeting:

Below you will find the Slides for the class with live links to referenced videos. You can also download a printable class handout and watch an extensive YouTube playlist of videos. (private link for Chris to edit)

Seminar handout

Using the handout and Slides:

  • Click on the handout image at right, it is stored on Dropbox, but you don’t need a dropbox account. Just click the “Download” button in upper left.
  • Slides: Arrows will move forward and back thru the slides,
  • 3-dot menu “Enter Full Screen” to see slides larger.
  • Clickable links will open videos.
  • Example photos for use in photo editing.

Link to YouTube playlist