628.BL-New Blogger

Blogger has been around a long time. Google has made some changes to the venerable platform. Chris will show you how to access the New Blogger.

How to display a .pdf file in your blog or other website

Do you, or a club you belong to, create newsletters and distribute them in .pdf format? Have you ever wished you could just put the .pdf document in a blog post? You’re in luck, it’s really quite easy if you use Google Drive to store your .pdf files. Here are the steps from the beginning. […]

626.BL-Find Blog

Did you create a blog sometime in the past and have now lost track of it? Here’s how to find that lost Blogger blog.

How to write that book of yours, one blog post at a time.

You know that book you have in you? The one you keep telling yourself you’re going to write someday, when you have time? It might be a travelog about your RV travels. It might be a novel based on your family’s experience. It might be your life story. Whatever the nature of your book, the […]