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Welcome to the Geeks on Tour website!

We are Chris and Jim Guld, The Geeks on Tour. Chris is the Teacher-in-Chief and Jim is the Head Geek. That’s it, just the 2 of us – no, we are not Geek Squad. To learn more, see the About Us page.

What do we teach?

Because we teach what we use, it changes all the time, but generally we focus on 3 areas:

  1. Smartphone basic skills
  2. Smartphone photography and managing those thousands of pictures you take when you travel. We specialize in teaching Google Photos.
  3. Our favorite travel apps and tech tips.

We try to keep up to date, but we are not here to to give you breaking news about all the latest and greatest. We are here to give you practical information and make sure you master the skills necessary to confidently use your devices. As we teach more advanced stuff, we promise not to forget the beginners. We have materials to bring you up to speed, and in everything we teach, we promise to explain it for beginners.

What do you want to learn?

How did you find out about the Geeks on Tour website? What do you hope to find here? Are you confused by all the buttons and features of your smartphone and you’re looking for help? Did you come here specifically to learn Google Photos? Are you a fellow traveler looking for tips? What else can you tell us about your needs so we can improve our teaching?

Please take a minute to fill out this 4 question survey and let us know.

Where to Start

If you just want to start learning our tech tips in general, the best place to start is with our Newsletters. We send out a monthly newsletter, with at least 3 tech tips, every month. You’ll find a list of the archives by clicking the Blogs/News menu and then Newsletters. To start getting our future newsletters, just click the button for Free Newsletters. In addition to the monthly newsletter with the tips, you will get emails each week announcing our weekly lesson on our YouTube podcasts.

If you are looking for something specific, use the Search field at the top right of every page. Enter one or two words, then click search. For example, searching for “Hotspot” will give you results like:

Note: The date for each article/video shows up below the title. Older items may no longer be accurate.

If you are looking to get up to speed with a full topic like Getting Started with Google Photos or How to use my smartphone, we have “Learning Guides” for members only.

Why become a Member?

We have hundreds of articles and over 1,000 tutorial videos all available on this website. This is our life, and how we make our living. We would love to offer all of our content for free, but we also like to make a living. To that end we offer a premium membership (click here for info) and much of our content is for our members only. You can browse thru all our content and when you hit something for members only, you will be asked to sign in with your username and password.

If you are a premium member, you are part of our community and we often have private zoom meetings and other classes for members only. We have a special Q&A page where you can ask any question and we promise to respond. Some of our community have become like family, even joining us on a cruise in Hawaii! Our latest members-only feature is our Top Tips. This is where we surface what we think are the most most important or interesting tips that we teach. We give a concise, written summary of the tip and then list links to any articles, videos or other content which goes into more detail.

If you are a lifelong learner, we highly encourage you to make a habit of watching our Sunday show. It’s like taking a 1 hour technology class every other week. If you are able to watch us live, you can even ask questions in the chat that we will answer on air. If you can’t watch it live, not to worry, it instantly becomes a replay video on our YouTube channel. If you are a premium member, you also get detailed written notes for each episode.

Do you like to learn with short tips?

Then you’ll like it here! As much as possible, we like to present our teachings in short, practical tips rather than long form courses. We tried making complete courses for our content, but that was a lot of work to create and keep up to date and, most importantly, people don’t seem to want that these days. When it comes to smartphones, photos, and travel technology, we find that people learn better in bite-size pieces. We are especially proud of our “Top Tips” because they offer the best of both worlds: a concisely written and illustrated tip with a section of links to “learn more.”

How to Navigate this Website

Click the image at right to download one page that describes all the contents of the website. If you print it out and keep it near your computer, it’ll make it easy to find stuff. You can also watch the video below to learn more.

Remember, if you are a member you can always ask a question on the Q&A page like “What video is best to learn how to make a photo collage?”

Come back often, and learn lots!