Picasa: Beginner’s Guide


Here are all the videos that are referenced in our Beginner’s Guide to  Picasa:
(Note: if you purchased the printed book, or ebook, there is a link in the back of the book to view the videos without a Geeks on Tour membership)

Beginner's Guide Videos

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  1. I have always exported pictures from Pacasa to a file on my desktop. I worked perfectly and just downloaded the picture(nothing else) Now when I do the same thing it creates a NEW folder in the folder and puts the picture in the NEW folder. All I want is just the picture without creating a new folder to put it in.

  2. I purchased and downloaded from Amazon the Kindle version. Are the videos available on that version. I click. On the Icon on my MAC and nothing happens

  3. I just tried #12: Add Captions, and #31 Geotagging, and they played thru just fine. Can you give me more details?

  4. There are several lessons on tagging, captioning, adding captions where the video is not coming up.

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