Internet on the Road

If you’re a traveler, especially an RVer, then staying connected with the Internet can be a challenge. ┬áThese videos can help.

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Internet on Road

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2 replies on “Internet on the Road”

  1. Vicki says:

    I have used Verizon MiFi for several years as I travel around mostly the Western U.S. I have had wonderful reception with it and only one problem. I stayed at a RV park on the Oregon coast 2 summers ago and apparently the Park’s WiFi system blasted my MiFi totally destroying it. I still had it on as I entered their park.. Fortunately, I had insurance and was able to replace it but not until I completed my excursion which was another week. I had to wait to have it mailed to my home which left me without service while I threaded my way through the Cascade mountains dry camping most of the week. So BEWARE, turn your MiFi off before entering an RV Park or you may lose your connection like I did.

  2. Lynne Vorpagel says:

    I learned about the 3 different ways of connecting and how to connect to WI Fi. Thanks for breaking down info into small bites and being very specific about what each video contains. It saves a lot of time. I love this “modular” way of learning . Were you school teachers before you went on the road???

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