Basics for Windows Users

You gotta start somewhere! This series of ShowMe Videos is on the basics, but it’s not just for beginners. From ‘Click’ vs ‘Right-Click’ to Burning CDs with Windows Explorer, these videos have something for everyone. See how much you know by using our Computer Essentials Skills Checklist.


Additional Information on Basics for Windows Users is also available in: Free Technology Articles and the Q & A Forum.

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6 replies on “Basics for Windows Users”

  1. OK guys…I can’t believe its been a ridiculous amount of time since Longs, SC…and we became members and have renewed annually…and I have dutifully put your tips, suggestions and blogs in my “Geeks on tour file” because I KNEW I was going to read them all…tomorrow…or the next day…but definitely soon…yah right!

    Now I am taking the time because I am now 3 computers down the road since Longs, gone from windows 98…each successive “onboard OS” that came with each of the successive units…and just like the automobile driver you have described…I just turn the key and push the gas, and do my best to keep between the ditches. I am sure you have heard the story of the guy that bought a chain saw because the sales man told him he would be able to cut 10 cords of wood ad day. After several days he brought the saw back to the hardware store, wanted his money back because he could only do one cord a day. When the salesman fired up the chainsaw to check it out…the customer said…What’s that noise?

    I have told Queen that we want to get to one of your Bootcamp classes…preferably in Florida (which is one of the few states we have not yet been to)…but after this last couple of weeks where we were with 40+ family folks and relatives and we were trying very hard to show our family photos of our lifestyle and places we’ve been, things we have done…the confusion and frustration became too much overload.

    Now I have a windows 8 computer…and I think it is time for me to start at the basics….should I just start at windows 7 and work down the list? I have just enough knowledge that I have no confidence. It is an indispensable part of our life…just imagine what I could do if I knew WHAT I was doing?

  2. This is the one I want to buy. This is the one my leader gave to me when I wanted to get materiall to refresh my memory.

  3. How can I alphabetize a guest list in a word document?
    Thanks so much for your help…I’m so happy I found your website!
    Mindy B.

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