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On this page are categories of our Geeks on Tour ‘Show Me How’ Videos.  All videos are displayed in a link.  You can click on any video listed to play just that video, then use your back button to return to the topic page.  Each video is 4 to 7 minutes.  You can also view the most recent videos.

The first videos in each topic are free for anyone – they are marked “Free.”  To watch the rest, you must be a paid member.  If you’re not a member, you can sign up now .

G Photosicon-picasa
PicasaManaging your Digital Photos with Picasa on your computer, and Google+ Photos online

  1. Overview of Picasa #156 Free
  2. Folder Manager #233 Free
  3. Basic Edits #261 Free
  4. Ways to Save #140 Free
  5. Google+ Auto Backup and Auto Awesome Free
  6. Short Course on Organizing your Pictures w/Picasa – 8 Videos
  7. Adding Text to Pictures #104
  8. Picasa’s 12 Effects #121
  9. More Effects 13-18 #253
  10. Resizing Pictures

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These video lessons will get you started on the right track with using Facebook.  Includes setting up your account, understanding security settings, and uploading pictures – even from Picasa.

All 20 Facebook VideosAll

BloggerMake your own website/blog free and easy with Blogger.com

  1. What is a Blog? Free
  2. Create a Blog in 3 Steps Free
  3. Adding Pictures from your Computer Free
  4. Adding Pictures from the Web
  5. Edit a Post
  6. Change the Date of a Post
  7. Adding Links to your Posts

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 Smartphones and Tablets:The basics of both Android and Apple devices.  Plus a few videos on ideas for traveler’s using these devices.

  1. Android Touchscreen Basics #222  (Free)
  2. iPad Touchscreen Basics #283 (Free)
  3. How to Restart Device #217 (Free)
  4. Saving Map Places with a Star #228 free
  5. Import Photos to Samsung Tablet via MicroSD Port #335 (Free)
  6. What is Airplane Mode? #218
  7. Can you Talk and be Online at the Same Time? #221
  8. How to Copy and Paste #223
  9. Demo of Google Navigation #219
  10. Mobile Hotspot with PDANet/FoxFi #226

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maps Google Maps

  1. Researching Destinations #316 (Free)
  2. Directions #326 (Free)
  3. Saving Places with a Star #228 free
Internet Connections on the Road: 13 videos giving an overview of Cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite – all three wireless methods to access the Internet while you travel.  Specifics include how to connect to a Wi-Fi signal, and how to tether to Android or iPhone cell phone for your computer’s Internet connection. For lots more technical detail see Technomadia’s Mobile Internet Resource Center.

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MovieMakerMovie Maker: Learn how to take your pictures and video clips and put them together into a complete and custom movie, complete with music and narration.  *Windows only

All 9 Movie Maker Videos

icon-pstoryPhoto Story 3: Fast and easy slideshows with narration and music. A total of 10 videos – about an hour  *Windows only

All 10 Photo Story Videos

Streets &Trips: GPS Navigation and Trip Planning
A total of 14 videos – about an 1.5 hours  *Windows Only

All 14 Streets and Trips Videos

Windows Basics:  Those skills that are essential to using a computer with the Windows operating system.  Each video’s introduction tells you whether it was recorded using Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

All 36 Windows Basics Videos