Learn Google Photos Book – videos and links

The book is alive!

Updated for 2021

Google Photos is changing ALL the time. We try to keep up. Check out the first section below for a chronological listing of what has changed.

This page is a supplement for the book. Under each chapter heading, you will find links to videos, help articles, and other resources for learning Google Photos. We try to keep these resources up to date. If you see anything that is outdated, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Updates to Google Photos – What has changed?
Product Experts Photos Resources

A website that is owned and maintained by volunteer Google Product Experts. You will find lots of tips, tricks and info about Google Photos here.

Links to Videos and other Resources

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Mobile
Chapter 3: Collecting the rest of your life’s photos and videos

Past “Button” shows on this topic:

Review Chapter 1-3 (answers)

Question 1= 2 ; 2= 2 ; 3= True ; 4= go to photos.google.com and sign in with your Google account ; 5= 2 ; 6= True ; 7= False ; 8= View your Google photos from a device other than the phone that took the photos ; 9= b ; 10= False ; 11= d ; 12= a ; 13= c

Chapter 4: Getting Around in Google Photos
Chapter 5: How to find the memories you’re looking for

Author’s videos for Chapter 5 (YouTube playlist)

Google Help Center article: Search by People, Things and Places

Chapter 6: Keep your memories safe
Chapter 7: Editing to improve your photos

October 2020 – Google is rolling out a new photo editor on the Android platform. Here is my article and 3 videos all about the changes.

Chapter 8: Organizing with Albums and Favorites
Chapter 9: Sharing
Review Chapters 4-9 (answers)

Question 1= c ; 2= b ; 3= Shift-click ; 4= b ; 5= False ; 6= a ; 7= True ; 8= d ; 9= 2d icon ; 10= c ; 11= True

Chapter 10: Surrounding Yourself with your memories
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting
Chapter 12: Apple Photos and iCloud vs Google Photos
Chapter 13: My favorite features