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154.PI-Add Captions to your Photos

Captions are the easiest way to add some identification to a photo. Anything you type here will be searchable. It will also be viewable in slideshows, or when printing or uploading.  This video will show you how. Don’t worry that this video was recorded with version 3.5 of Picasa, the caption feature still works the same in 3.9.

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133.PI-Keeping your Slideshow in a Specified Sort Order

If you’ve ever used Picasa to play a slide show, you may have some trouble getting the pictures to play in your specified order. Even if you figured out how to get the order right in Picasa, you may have been very disappointed when that order didn’t ‘stick’ when you played the slideshow on your DVD player, or on someone else’s computer.  This lesson will give you a way to handle that.

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046.PI-Resizing Pictures

It’s important to understand the size of your pictures, this video lesson will explain.  When you email, or upload to a Web Album, you usually do not want to send the full size file.  Picasa makes it very easy and automatic to resize on emails or uploads.  The only other way to resize a picture in Picasa is to use the Export command.  This video was recorded using Picasa 2 – some of the buttons may look different but the procedure is still the same.

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