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297.PI-Backup Monthly to Disk (CD or DVD)

We advocate monthly backups or ‘Archives’ because the pictures they backed up may be removed from my computer altogether.  I know that I can find a picture from August of 2004 by going to my archive of disks regardless of what computer I happen to be using and what is on it.  This video lesson uses my monthly system and shows you, step-by-step how to do your backups using Picasa.

2016 update: Today it is easiest to backup to the cloud using Google Photos – see the videos here.

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166.PI-Using Search to Create a Temporary Album

Any time you search for something the search results can be shown as a temporary album.  With the temporary album selected, you can play a slideshow, create a collage or a movie with all the pictures in the temporary album.  You can also Export, Upload, Email, Shop, or anything you can do with pictures in the selection tray.  This video lesson will show you how.

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