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154.PI-Add Captions to your Photos

Captions are the easiest way to add some identification to a photo. Anything you type here will be searchable. It will also be viewable in slideshows, or when printing or uploading.  This video will show you how. Don’t worry that this video was recorded with version 3.5 of Picasa, the caption feature still works the same in 3.9.

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121.PI-Picasa’s 12 Effects

There are 12 effects on the third (was last before 3.9) editing tab. The best advice is to play with them. Click on Sepia and see what it does, then just click Undo. Click on Film Grain and take a look, then click Undo.  This video gives an example of all the effects.  Note: when Picasa 3.9 added 2 more tabs of editing features this ‘Effects’ tab became the third tab.  All the effects remain the same. Continue reading →