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266.PI-Picasa 3.9 – Where’d the Buttons Go? *Free

When you first install Picasa 3.9, you’ll see a big difference at the bottom of the screen.  There are only 4 buttons where there used to be many more.  This video will show you how to put them back – or use the menus for the same functionality.
The Picasa Tutorials article referenced in the video is Picasa Releases Version 3.9.  And the video referenced about the Facebook button is face18.Picasa Uploade


045.PI-How Picasa Handles Edits

It’s called Non-Destructive.  Unlike other programs that tell you to make a copy before you start editing, Picasa handles your edits without destroying your original.  As long as you use Picasa for all picture-related tasks, you don’t even need to save.  If you do need to see your edited picture in some other program outside of Picasa, they you do need to save (or export) your changes.  This video explains.

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111.PI-Selecting Pictures

Throughout these tutorials, and in many aspects of using Picasa, you’ll need to know how to select the pictures you want to work on.  Notice, whenever you click on one picture in the Library, you will see a blue outline on that picture *and* it will also appear at the lower left in the ‘Selection Tray.’ It’s this selection tray that you need to understand.  The following video will show you how:

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