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Google Photos Resource Page

This page supplements Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos, with both free and premium content.

It is also a gathering place for links to everything we know about Google Photos!

Learn everything about getting started with Google Photos on mobile devices. This course is $20. Members get a coupon code for 100% discount.

There are two Review quizzes in the book, Here they are in interactive format, with answers:

Review Chapters 1-5

Review Chapters 6-10

Second Edition: Mrs. Geek's Guide to Google Photos

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Useful Links

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View past creations that you may have dismissed: link

Google Photos Web upload bug - forum post
Google Drive related to Google Photos, my explanation to a forum post
Embed a Google Photos album in a web page with this widget
Finding Picasa installation file on the web, GeeksOnTour members copy
Upload methods - Picasa Resources
Activity Log - for viewing messages when you send photos
To view your Google Account Storage and what files are using it up
To view your photos in Recently Added sort order instead of Date Taken
Troubleshooter for Why do I see stranger's photos?
View photos from Google Drive
How to Find and Search for Photos
Tips for removing duplicates
Detailed 3d party article on Backup and Sync
Google Drive help incl Contact Us
Discussion on Workaround for iCloud Photo Library and Google Photos to co-exist on iPhone
For geotagging photos after the fact: GeoSetter. per TC Alex
Discussion on Backup and Sync, backing up thumbnails on Mac (a real mess)
Clear cache on Android
Uploading photos - includes problems with Backup and Sync
Picasa - what retirement means
UNdelete photos/files on Android with Dr.Phone

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Google Backup and Sync, Google Drive and Google Photos