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Tutorial videos that show you how to make a Blog using the Free site. It can be a personal travelog or a small business website with products to sell. All free and easy with

008.BL-What is a Blog?

It’s actually not a ‘Blog’ at all!  The word is Weblog.  This video will explain where the term comes from and take you on a tour of some sample blogs, teaching you how they work.  You will also learn where to go to find lots of blogs by RV Travelers that will keep you entertained for hours!

165.BL-Edit a Custom Template

This an advanced topic about editing the code of a custom template to suit your needs. You need to be willing to work with raw HTML code. Using custom templates, there are often placeholders for your special content. This video shows you how to go ‘under the hood’, find those placeholders and replace them with the appropriate code for your Blog.
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