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Tutorial videos that show you how to make a Blog using the Free site. It can be a personal travelog or a small business website with products to sell. All free and easy with

310.BL-Blogger’s Menus

Some of the videos in our “Show-Me-How” series were recorded before Google revamped the design of all their properties, including Blogger.  Everything is still there, but it looks different.  This video will give you an orientation to how it works now.


038.BL-Changing Settings like Time Zone or Authors

When you get under the hood and look at all the settings that Blogger has, you’ll see how you can customize your blog to work the way you want. This video shows you how to get to the settings and specifically how to change who can write to the blog and who can read it. It was recorded with an earlier version of Blogger – you now find these under the dropdown arrow of Settings.
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275.BL-old-Adding Pictures from the Web

Note: This video references Picasa Web Albums, today (7/2015) it is pictures in your Google Photos albums, they are still also called Picasa Web Albums – same photos, same procedures.

We think Picasa Web Albums is the best way to put your pictures on the web, and since Blogger and Picasa are both made by Google, they work together very well.  This video shows you how to use Blogger’s tools to put a Picasa Web Album picture into a blog post.  It also shows you how you can get pictures from other web pages and show them in a blog post.

This video has been updated for Google Photos, click here to see the new video #473

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