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The best way to share photos – with a link

Sharing photos with a link

Recently we did our show on the multitude of ways to share photos using Google Photos. See Episode 247 here. This article is to reiterate that the best way to share is by using a link. There are 3 benefits to sharing with a link:
  • Anyone with the link can view the photo(s)
  • It doesn’t take up any space, it’s just a link
  • If you share an album, and they ‘join’ the album, they’ll see future additions

Share one photo with a link

On Computer/Web: Open the photo you want to share and click the Share button. Find the “Create Link” button and click that. Copy the resulting link, and paste it wherever you want. In an email, a Facebook post, a text message, etc. When your friends see the link, they can click on it and see the photo. Like this:
On iPhone: Open the photo you want to share and click the share button (square with up arrow) Next tap the ‘Share To:” link and scroll down to find Create link. Follow the prompts to Create link and it is copied. Now go to where you want to share it and paste. If you don’t know how
to copy/paste on a phone, check out the video at the end of this message.

Share an Album with a Link

If you have an album of photos and you’d like to share them all, it’s easy with a link.
On Computer/Web or Mobile
  • Open the album
    and tap the share icon – you should see it just above the top of the album
  • Now find the “Create Link” button. On iOS you’ll find it under “Share To:”
  • Once you’ve copied the link, you can paste it anywhere your friends will find it. They don’t need to use Google Photos, they don’t even need to have a Google account. Anyone who clicks that link, will see the
    photos in the album.
  • IF they do use Google Photos, they can “Join” the album. That means that they will be notified any time you add new photos to that album.
  • Here’s a sample album about scuba diving. All you have to do is click the link to see it:

To learn more, make sure to review Episode 247: Sharing with Google Photos

Memories are improved with sharing!
Jim and Chris, aka Geeks on Tour

How to copy and paste on a mobile deviced

Google Photos Live Q&A 1-8-23

  • 0:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • 4:20 Demo of Vignette
  • 8:45 Diving with Hammerhead sharks – wha?!
  • 11:16 How to deliver a 2 hour Google Photos class (Episode 191 and December 8 class: Do more with Google Photos
  • 13:34 If you delete from Google Drive, does it delete from Google Photos
  • 16:57 When you take a photo using texts, how do you get it in Google Photos?
  • 19:42 Can I do “color pop” on a computer?
  • 21:16 How to share the memory highlights?
  • 23:49 How to manage Google Photos storage
  • 30:02 What do the circular icons mean?
  • 31:22 Google Photos freezes?
  • 32:28 How to transfer photos from Google Photos to an external hard drive
  • 36:57 How to get a photo attached to an email to go to iCloud
  • 41:41 How to edit a Live Photo to make it still
  • 44:21 How do I share an HEIC photo in jpeg format
  • 48:09 Sharing a link to an album
  • 50:23 Uploading photos while traveling (see episode 233)
  • 52:20 Who owns the photos in Google Photos
  • 54:48 How to attach a large photo to email
  • 1:00:45 How to scan a QR code when I’m using my phone to watch the video ?

247. Sharing with Google Photos

  • 0:00 Start
  • 1:28 Use copy/paste to post photo from Google Photos to Facebook
  • 3:47 Hello and Introduction
  • 9:59 Sharing pictures – push or pull
  • 11:21 Sharing a photo using Gmail
  • 16:56 Sharing with other Google Photos users in ‘conversations’
  • 25:34 Sharing with people who DON’T use Google Photos
  • 29:14 Sending photos with a simple link
  • 36:38 Sharing albums with anyone using link (our internet connection started breaking up here)
  • 43:17 7 ways to share photos from Google Photos
  • 44:30 – Review (internet really crapped out here

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