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Google Photos: Ask Chris Anything 9/26/2022

  1. 0:00 Begin
  2. 6:09 How to view a slideshow of Google Photos on a mobile device
  3. 10:00 Once a photo is backed up to Google Photos, can I delete it from the phone?
  4. 12:14 Can you make subfolders of photos on Google Photos?
  5. 18:46 Editing photos vs Snapchat
  6. 19:37 Adding photos to an album
  7. 20:52 How to gather all photos in your life to one place
  8. 22:07 Can I download photos from Google Photos to Samsung Gallery
  9. 23:32 Can you download a slideshow?
  10. 24:07 How to attach photo to email?
  11. 25:52 What is the secret album called? Locked Folder
  12. 29:50 How to get slides into Google Photos
  13. 31:33 How to upload to Google Photos AND OneDrive
  14. 32:41 More on adding photos to album
  15. 35:13 Sending photos with a link
  16. 37:12 Face groupings are losing the name I give them
  17. 38:45 How to copy a Facebook image to Google Photos
  18. 40:54 How to see onedrive folders of photos on a Chromebook
  19. 42:43 How to get a photo received via email into Google Photos
  20. 45:21 Should I get a thumb drive that works on my phone to backup photos?
  21. 47:42 How to share photos with someone else and allow them to search
  22. 49:42 Naming faces is not working
  23. 50:38 Explain Gallery copy of photo vs Google Photos
  24. 51:26 How to sort the list of albums
  25. 54:00 How to post photos to Facebook from Google Photos
  26. 56:23 How to get OneDrive photos to Google Photos
  27. 57:13 Sorting photos in an album
  28. 59:47 Using Google Photos movie-maker takes a long time to finish on Android
  29. 1:00:15 How to download photos from Google Photos to File Explorer
  30. 1:04:15 When will the newest feature (editing collages) of Google Photos arrive on my Pixel?
  31. 1:06:20 Apple Photos to Google Photos
  32. 1:09:24 Snapseed for computers?
  33. 1:09:58 Are albums tags?

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