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Google Photos now has the movie-maker tool available in the web version

Here is an example of a quick slideshow/movie created using the movie maker tool in Google Photos:

This movie was created on an Android phone. Here is a tutorial video showing exactly how it was made. Up until just recently, you could only make these movies using a mobile device – an Android phone/tablet or an iPhone or iPad. Recently I’ve noticed the feature is now available on the Web version of Google Photos and this article will tell you exactly how to use it. I haven’t seen an official announcement, and I still find it a little buggy, but it does work and I expect it will get better.

To make a new movie using the web version of Google Photos

Don’t worry about getting all the photos and videos you want at first, you can always add/delete later. Once you gotten your movie started, you will be in the editor. Notice the numbered items and the descriptions below.

  1. Movie preview, click the play button to watch and hear the music
  2. Click here to change the music selection
  3. Click here to change the orientation from portrait (vertical) to Landscape (horizontal)
  4. Each photo/video in the selection list has a 3-dot menu with the choices shown
  5. Here is where you can go back out to your library of photos and videos to select more

The first thing I do is change the orientation. Google seems to think that everyone is going to use a phone to view this movie so it starts out in the portrait format. I want to view mine on a computer or TV, so I change it to Landscape. Now I’ll click the play button to preview my movie and hear the music. If I like what I see and hear, I’m done! Just click Save.

Editing your movie

If you want to make some changes, here are your choices:

  • You can change the order of the clips just by dragging them in the list
  • Change the music, click the music button, choose theme music and try them out. Click play to hear.
  • Add or delete photos/videos
  • Trim photos/videos by just dragging the start/stop markers
  • Here’s a tutorial video showing how to use these options: 533.GP-Google Photos Movie editing

That’s it – there are no titles or transitions or narration tracks. You’re not going to get a fancy movie with this tool, BUT since it is SO easy, you will make these simple movies.

When your movie looks and sounds how you want, you can now click SAVE. When you now look at your photo library, you will see the movie located at the date of the most recent photo/video in the movie. At first it will be just a gray box because it takes a while to render. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes, it could be up to an hour. You may need to refresh your screen to see the finished product. Or, just click the gray box, if it’s ready it will then play.

Share your movie!

I think that’s the main point with putting together these little movies. Share them. Instead of asking your friends to look thru hundreds of photos of your vacation, they will enjoy this 1 – 2 minute movie along with the music. Just open the movie, click the share button and choose Create Link, then Copy Link. Now you can paste that link into and email, or a Facebook post. You can paste it anywhere you want, like on this web page: That is the link to the completed movie I made while writing this article.

Make some movies! and share links in the comments below.

Google Photos: How to Free Up Space on your phone

If you take a lot of photos and your phone is getting full, you may one day see a message that there is not enough free storage to take any more photos.

Google Photos has a one-click “Free Up Space” command that will delete all photos and videos from your device if they have been backed up to Google Photos in the cloud.

Just select your account button in the upper right and you should see something like the image below.

This command is the correct way to remove photos and videos from your device. Don’t use the trashcan icon in Google Photos because that will delete all copies, both on-device and cloud, of the photos. And don’t use the native photos or gallery app because they may delete photos from the device that have not been backed up to Google Photos.

When you use the Free Up Space option in the Google Photos app, those photos won’t be “gone”, they just won’t be taking up space on your phone anymore. You will still be able to see and access them all in the cloud when you use the Google Photos app.

“We recommend copying your photos and videos to an additional location (such as OneDrive, or DropBox, or your computer) before using free up space. If you don’t, then your only copy is the Google Photos cloud copy. You still need a backup.”

See Chapter 6 in Learn Google Photos book.

Apple devices:

  • The Apple iOS system has its own version of a recycle bin, so using the Google Photos process still does not free up the space on your device until you go to the Apple Photos App, select Albums and Recently Deleted, then select the photos and Delete from there.
  • You also need to know that, when you delete photos from your iPhone, the iCloud copy will also be deleted. That’s just how iCloud works. Its job is to keep all your Apple devices in sync. If you delete from one, it deletes from all. If you use the Google Photos “Free Up Space” command, all the photos deleted from your iPhone will also be deleted from your iPad, your Mac, and

Even after letting Google Photos “Free Up Space” you may still see photos on your device using the native photo or gallery app. This may happen for a variety of reasons:

  • The photo did not get uploaded to Google Photos for some reason. Try manually uploading it.
  • The photo or video is stored on your phone’s SD card. The Free Up Space feature will not delete from the card.
  • The photo or video may be stored in a device folder that is not being synced to Google Photos.
  • The photo or video is corrupted in some way. Use the native app to delete it.

Google Photos: Ask Chris Anything 3/29/22

Chris Guld is a Platinum level Google Photos product expert for Google. She also wrote the book: Learn Google Photos. On March 29, 2022 she hosted a live open Q&A about Google Photos. The one hour video is above. She addressed 30+ questions. Here is the listing of each question that was asked:

  1. 1:46 Why does Google Photos not have a red-eye correction
  2. 2:41 How to get all my old photos from Picasa to Google Photos
  3. 3:50 How to find referenced videos on
  4. 5:55 What do the 3 bars icon mean on the lower left corner of my photos in the library
  5. 7:16 Does my Pixel 5 unlimited free storage include photos from my computer
  6. 9:12 How to stop Android from including my What’s App photos?
  7. 10:46 How to get photos from SD card into Google Photos
  8. 12:45 How to get photos from my scanner to Google Photos
  9. 13:49 How to post videos from my phone to YouTube
  10. 15:05 How to remove backgrounds
  11. 16:27 Should I pay the $1.99/mo?
  12. 18:00 Google Drive for Desktop issues
  13. 19:30 Can I get rid of duplicates
  14. 22:08 Sharing an album as a copy?
  15. 23:43 Fixing green-eye
  16. 24:30 How to select multiple photos on web version
  17. 25:49 Discuss backup quality
  18. 27:37 Talk about Google Photos PWA
  19. 29:16 Making albums with starred photos
  20. 31:26 “Trouble exporting image” when using Save As in motion photo
  21. 33:41 How to send feedback
  22. 34:19 How to make albums from folders of photos on my computer
  23. 35:18 Do photos attached to emails take up space in my 15GB Google allotment
  24. 35:56 When I download photos, will I get the descriptions
  25. 37:50 How to find any photo with search
  26. 39:26 How add photos from one album to another
  27. 42:09 Will Google ever kill Google Photos?
  28. 43:16 If I delete photos does that reduce my storage usage
  29. 44:10 Picasa could delete duplicates, why not Google Photos?
  30. 46:38 What are “memories” from OneDrive
  31. 47:55 Can I use both Google Photos and Apple iCloud
  32. 49:11 How to rename a group of photos
  33. 50:06 How to switch from Picasa to Google Photos
  34. 52:22 Can you delete frames from a motion photo
  35. 53:09 How to delete blurry photos automatically
  36. 53:35 If I add a photo from one album to another, can I delete it from the original album
  37. 54:55 Should I empty trash
  38. 55:33 Can I add photos from Google Photos to Family Tree Maker