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Feb 26, 2024 Golden Gate Computer Society: Hodgepodge of Tech Tips for Everyone

We’ve presented at the Golden Gate Computer Society several times in the past. Initially we were there in person because we lived in our RV and traveled the country. Whenever we found ourselves in California we would stop by Marin County and visit with GGCS. This time we are in Florida, so we will be presenting using the Zoom meeting platform. Here are the slides for the presentation, and below that is our video recording from the meeting.

Private Link for Chris

Google Photos Open Q&A, Dec 12 2023

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 3:12 List of all Google Photos updates at
  • 6:22 How to fix selfies where text shows up backwards – flip the image?
  • 10:04 How to print from Google Photos
  • 12:26 Name changes on People
  • 15:49 How to transfer photos from one account to another
  • 18:54 How to copy specific photos from a CD to a Google account
  • 25:14 If I took a photo in slo mo by accident, any way to undo that
  • 27:27 How to edit photos within an album
  • 28:36 How to get the new Highlight Video feature
  • 30:46 Photo resolution of a screen shot?
  • 32:19 Duplicate album names?
  • 35:14 How can I install Picasa on my Windows computer?
  • 35:30 Text on Photos?
  • 37:22 Freeing up space on Google Photos
  • 40:54 USB Photo Sticks?
  • 48:18 If I share my Google One storage with another, do they get the premium features?
  • 50:28 Magic eraser on the Web version?
  • 51:04 Fix face grouping errors
  • 53:20 Search or Sort Albums
  • 55:43 How to duplicate a photo
  • 56:45 Is Google Lens available on Web?
  • 58:50 Playing a slideshow from Google Photos

Google Photos Open Q&A, Sep 14, 2023

  • 0:00 Begin
  • 5:22 Webpage of Google Photos Updates: and new menu
  • 11:40 Is there a way to manually upload selective photos rather than use Auto-Backup?
  • 17:52 When I download, where do they go?
  • 18:50 Face recognition with dogs?
  • 20:04 How to post on Facebook from Google Photos
  • 22:32 Can I copy any photo I see in Facebook and use it somewhere else
  • 22:31 If I use magic eraser on the phone app, does it sync to my computer
  • 22:42 How do you save a memory
  • 26:16 How to backup photos to offload from your computer
  • 31:05 Is Picasa still available
  • 32:10 How to add from Google Photos to a specific Facebook account
  • 32:54 I uploaded many GB of photos to Google Photos but now I can’t find them.
  • 35:26 Does Search only search thru images in the cloud?
  • 36:30 How to use a Group album
  • 39:44 Why do some photos not allow me to add a location
  • 41:42 Can you search for text that was typed in a description
  • 43:03 Can face recognition be downloaded along with a photo
  • 45:29 How to turn off the geo-location setting for the camera?
  • 47:20 How to backup photos to an external hard drive (video 574)
  • 52:52 What brand of external hard drive is good?
  • 54:24 Google Photos on desktop will not save edits, why?
  • 56:44 Can you request an automated memory?