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June 7, 2023: Tinkering with Tech – Does Google Photos play nice with other apps?

On June 7, Chris is a guest speaker on the Tinkering with Tech show. The topic is Google Photos and how it compares and shares with other photo systems and apps. Adding Google photos to Facebook, Instagram etc. How to use iPhone photos and Google photos and why Google photos is better… I just took a picture how can I add that to my website or online somewhere.

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May 5 2023 DBCC: HodgePodge of Tech Tips

Thank you Barry for inviting us back to speak to your group again. You suggested we just give a HodgePodge of Tech Tips, so that’s what we’re doing. Notice that we have a new feature on the website called “NeverEnding List of Tips.” We’ll be using that during the presentation. Below is the YouTube recording of the meeting and below that is the slide deck.

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2023 SKP ACRE: Two presentations

Smartphone Photography, Practical Tips for iPhone and Android

This presentation was live-streamed to YouTube. You can view the playback on our YouTube channel.

Click here to watch the YouTube video

Maps and Apps for RV Trip Planning

Whether you’re taking off for a quick weekend getaway, or you live fulltime on the road, there are lots of resources that will make your journey the best it can be. Jim and Chris of Geeks on Tour will break them down for you into 4 steps: Research, Plan, Navigate and Sleep. They will share their favorite maps and apps for each of these categories.

On this page, you’ll find the presentation, all the links, and some discussion about the seminar. To control the slideshow, use the buttons at the bottom left. Click the handout at right to download a printable copy.

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Links (and app)iExit app -like Next Exit bookHistory nearby and markers ,
Daily Roads Voyager Webcam (Android only)State Lines: laws by state $5 iOSRVer tool collections:
Alfred (free webcam)Tunity (listen to TV in bar)Where am I at?, includes county iOS Android park reviews including cell reception crowd-sourced campground listings
Gen’l Info & social:
Google Photos One home for ALL photos, searchable by location
Coverage: Cell coverage maps for all carriers $2.99 – definitive resource for staying connectedOpen Signal – crowd-sourced cell signal reports Night parking at homes $50/ $79/yr Night parking at wineries/farms/golfPassport America $44/yr
half-price campgrounds

For Fun – Diners, Drive ins, and Dives by State


All videos referenced in the presentation are in this playlist, plus many more. Scroll thru the list. Some are short, single-topic tutorials 3-8 minutes long. Others are recordings of our “What Does This Button Do?” YouTube shows and they are closer to one hour in length. Link to playlist on YouTube

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May 10, 2023 Sun City Center Computer Club: What does this button do? Smartphone basics plus photo tips

In today’s world, it is often taken for granted that you know everything you need to use your smartphone, but … maybe you missed that class in high school :-)? In this presentation, we’ll teach some basics like how to know your phone’s make and model, find the manual, find a lost phone, set those important settings, arrange your home screens, when to use airplane mode, and how to use the flashlight. We’ll also give some of our favorite tips about using the camera and managing your photos.

Just click on the slide to advance to the next slide. Hold down Ctrl and click on videos to make them open in a new tab to play.

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Valencia Reserve Photo Club – Smartphone Photography

March 20 2023 @7pm ET. Valencia Reserve Photography Club Chris and Jim Guld, also known as Geeks on Tour, will be teaching about taking and editing pictures on your phone – for both iPhone and Android users. Chris Guld is an award-winning Google Photos Product expert. New camera features in recent smart phones using artificial intelligence can – with just a click of a button – do some amazing things. Topics to be covered include:

  • Practical tips for smartphone photography
  • Background blurring after the picture is taken, especially useful for portraits
  • Magic eraser
  • Using motion photos (Android) and Live photos (iPhone): Very useful tools whether you want to show a diver at the exact moment of hitting the water or making sure everyone in a group photo has their eyes open

Using the Slides:

  • SlidesArrows will move forward and back thru the slides,
  • 3-dot menu “Enter Full Screen” to see slides larger.
  • Clickable links will open videos.

Chris private link to Valencia Reserve slides

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Mesa Regal TUG – What’s so great about Google Photos and why some people won’t like it

As we take more and more and more photos, we need something that will manage them without work on our part. Google Photos is the most popular photo management tool available today because automatically collects the photos you take with your phone. For all those lazy people, like me, who want the benefits of a lifetime of organized photos without the work. But, it’s not for everyone. It is a new way of doing things and some people like the old way!

YouTube Playlist of Geeks on Tour Google Photos tips

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Tinkering with Tech: Google Photos with different devices

There’s not just one Google Photos, not even 2, but 3! Web interface, Android app, iOS app. There are a few places where these different versions work differently. That’s what we’re talking about with Michael Daniels and Heather Kraafter of Tinkering with Tech.

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YouTube recording of the class

YouTube Playlist of Geeks on Tour Google Photos tips