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Gabbing with the Geeks #8

Coming to you from Elkhart, Indiana. Last week was the Gypsy Journal Rally and next week is the Escapade. In this video we introduce you to Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal.
If this video doesn’t play well for you, try the Youtube version.

Gabbing with the Geeks #6

Jim and Chris of Geeks on Tour show you a little about their RVing lifestyle as they share computer tips for travelers. In this episode, we’re coming to you from Saratoga, Wyoming. We talk about how Microsoft Streets & Trips helps us find Hot Springs, and then show you how we connect to the Internet when there is no Verizon service available. Here’s the link for our upcoming Picasa Seminar at the FMCA convention which will be a Live Webcast Picasa Seminar.

If this high-resolution video doesn’t work for you, you can view the Youtube version.

More info on Wi-Fi Adapters.

More info on Streets and Trips

Link to view our Free Live Picasa Webcast on August 11, 2010

Gabbing with the Geeks: #5 Connecting to the Internet with Droid

Coming to you from Indiana, Jim and Chris talk about their summer tour of RV Rallies:

  1. The Rally – July 21-25 in Louisville, KY
  2. Family Motorcoach Ass’n (FMCA) Convention –  August 11 – 14 in Redmond, OR
  3. Gypsy Gathering Rally – August 30 – Sept 3 in Elkhart, IN
  4. Escapade – September 12 – 17 in Goshen, IN

Then they show you how they connect to the Internet by Tethering their Motorola/Verizon Droids. Tags: ,


Gabbing with the Geeks: Episode 4

July 1, 2010: Two years ago today we started our Membership site!  Greetings from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky.

In this video we tell of our stay in Louisville and a visit to Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory. 

If the high-resolution video below doesn’t work for you, here’s the Youtube version of Episode 4.

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Gabbing with the Geeks: at RV-SEF Conference

Here is our second installment of ‘Gabbing with the Geeks’ and already, we’ve deviated from our *standard* format.  Instead of seeing and hearing us, we’ve interviewed a couple of our fellow instructors at this weeks RV Lifestyle, Education, and Safety conference in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

For more info on Al Hesselbart and RVing History, see
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