Tip001: Find a lost phone

Find a lost iPhone: If you go to icloud.com and sign in with your apple ID, it may ask you for a confirmation code from your phone (there’s a hole in the bucket!) you can click the button to get quick access to find iPhone. Make sure to check that it is find the device […]

May 2018 Newsletter: Backup and Sync, Lost Phone, Boarding Passes

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Tip108.Sync your iPhone Apps using iCloud

It happens, people lose or destroy their phones. If your Apps were synced to iCloud, then you have not lost their data. It’s easy to set up, you just turn it on. You also need to be sure you have enough iCloud Storage to hold everything. Here are the plans and costs: To see if […]

How to find your phone using your watch

I know my phone is here somewhere! “Hey Honey, will you call my phone?” Oops, “Honey” isn’t home. What do you do? We’ve covered this topic before, but that was before Apple watches so we taught how to use the web to do the job. Now, if you have an Apple watch and an iPhone […]

September 2023 News: Travel Planning Maps, Phone-Free up Space

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Tip075: How to add contact info to Android phone lock screen

If you leave your phone at a restaurant and someone finds it, you want them to be able to contact you. Or, if you’re in an accident and you’re unconscious, you want the first responders to easily know who to call. That’s the reason for contact information on the lock screen. It’s your In Case […]

Show256: Smartphone Basics 1 – Know your device

In today’s world, it is often taken for granted that you know everything you need to use your smartphone correctly, but … maybe you missed that class in high school :-)? In this presentation, we’ll teach some basics. This is the first in what we plan to be a series of Smartphone basics. We’ll show you things that we think are important and that you may not know.