Tip033: Viewing your Blogger Blog on a Phone

One of the beauties of using a system like Blogger is that it automatically takes care of fitting your content to a computer screen OR a phone screen. No need for any work on your part. But, there are a couple of things to know. In order to fit it nicely on a phone, it […]

Tip032: Make cofee table books from your blog posts >

I’ve been keeping my personal blog since 2003. It is my journal, my letters to friends, the photos and stories of my life. I love that it is online so it won’t get destroyed like my youthful diaries that were ruined when they got wet. I also love that I can share them so easily. […]

Tip013: Write a blog post by sending an email

Set it Up Go to Blogger.com and log in to your account. Click on Settings, then Email and one of the options you will see is “Post Using Email.” How it works is with a special email address. The email address starts with myblog., then you fill in some text of your choosing and type […]

If You Can Send an Email, You Can Write a Blog Post

Here at Geeks on Tour, we think that the free Blogger.com platform by Google is still the easiest way to create and maintain a blog. It can be a personal journal, or it can be a club website, a small business, or just a place to write what’s on your mind. It can be private, […]

Seminar: Remember travels with photos, maps, and a blog

Jim and Chris have been RVing since 2003 and they have all the photos, maps, and Blog posts to prove it. In this seminar they will share their system with you and show you how you can remember any time or place from your travels just by simple searches. It’s all done with free software […]

628.BL-New Blogger

Blogger has been around a long time. Google has made some changes to the venerable platform. Chris will show you how to access the New Blogger.